TRANSPORT/ Cruise Companies: Small yet Remarkable

A growing number of travelers seek unique experience avoiding big ship cruises. Several cruise lines offer ships of smaller size providing unconventional itinerary and services.


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Dreaming of an Alaskan Cruise? Try a Taste of True Alaska with True Alaskans

Nils Kraus

Southeast Alaska, the sliver of land more commonly identified as the Alaska Panhandle, begs to be explored aboard a small expeditionary cruise vessel. With hundreds of forested islands to deflect the wind and wave power of the Pacific Ocean, there are steep-walled glacier-carved fjords, narrow waterways with strong tides and uncountable numbers of marine wildlife and land animals to observe. It is a natural paradise. Before my recent visit to the Panhandle in August 2013, I had explored pieces ...
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Family-owned Austrian Line Cruising European Rivers

Laura Maudlin

Any frequent traveler has heard of cruise lines, which have city-like ships that cruise around the world, moving through various European rivers and at times sailing from many convenient North American home ports. There are different types of cruise ships, some of them are purpose-built to operate with a focus on providing shore-side experience, while others are built large enough to act as a destination themselves. These cruise lines stop at many world class destinations during their journey. ...
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Viking Cruises Keen to Attract Travelers Seeking Small-ship Experience

Sara Thopson

There are many cruise travelers who aren’t interested in a big ship cruising experience in the ocean. They just want to try something different and therefore they turn to river cruises. On small ships, travelers sail European rivers and anchor at iconic destinations. In this sector, Viking River Cruises ( has always been a major player. Although Viking Cruises has been offering superior river cruises to travelers for many years, it aims to offer something different now. T...
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Pearl Sea Cruises: New Small-ship Cruise to Set Sail in 2014

Pat Hyland

Cruise lines have been around for a long period of time. Just like airlines among other travel companies, there is rarely any new cruise provider. As a result, the topic is seldom talked about. However, just like any market, there are holes that need filling. This means that there is always a deficiency in services provided. The new Pearl Sea Cruises (, which are expected to set sail in the Canadian Maritimes and the Caribbean, will provide small ship cruises starting in ...