Amadeus Cruises Offer Remarkable European Experience

Laura Maudlin - Oct 28, 2013
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Any frequent traveler has heard of cruise lines, which have city-like ships that cruise around the world, moving through various European rivers and at times sailing from many convenient North American home ports. There are different types of cruise ships, some of them are purpose-built to operate with a focus on providing shore-side experience, while others are built large enough to act as a destination themselves. These cruise lines stop at many world class destinations during their journey.

The two most prominent brands that operate cruise lines are Carnival Corporation and Royal Caribbean International. Both of them carry millions of travelers to the sea each year. However, there are some cruise travelers who prefer to travel through small-sized boutique lines that operate relatively lesser number of ships usually to the same destinations, but offer a truly unique travel experience.

Lüftner Cruises (Lü is one of these small cruise lines. This family-owned Austrian company operates Amadeus Cruises, which is a six ship luxury river cruise line. Amadeus Cruises sail along Danube, Main, and Rhine, the famous European rivers. These cruises are ultimate in luxury and offer journeys that last for 4 to 15 days.

Recently launched, Amadeus Silver is their largest ship due to its 443-foot length. It is also their most luxurious vessel. The ship has 90-cabins with luxurious accommodations, first-class interior furnishings, eco-friendly design, and authentic Austrian programming.

Amadeus Silver also has a traditional Austrian coffee shop named Café Vienna, which serves Sachertorte specialties. It has River Terrace, which is an open air lounge in the ship’s bow that has special windows that protect the passengers from rainy or windy day. Additionally, the ship offers its travelers a sundeck with golf course, two restaurants, and a two-story fitness studio.

The ship has 172 square feet passenger cabins with French balconies, drop-down windows and great panoramic views.

There are several activities to entertain their guests, which include lectures on history of Rhine-Main-Danube canal, folklore shows, and live music during Bavarian evenings. There are city excursions off the ship, which include wine tastings in Wuerzburg, castle tours, and concerts in Vienna.

Lüftner Cruises have earned certificates from Atmosfair and Green Globe, the climate protection organizations showing the cruise line’s dedication to environmental protection. Dr. Wolfgang Lüftner, the owner and founder of Lüftner cruises, once explained that they understand the impact of tourism on environment despite arrangements of eco-friendly travel.

Travelers have the opportunity to impact environment in a positive way while they are travelling on Lüftner ships. Many passengers choose the option of donation to offset their individual CO2 consumption, and they can pay €2 per day as climate protection levy.


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