Senior Travelers Prefer Guided Tours in Europe

Nils Kraus - Nov 25, 2013
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Majority of older people especially those in their late sixties and above, prefer Europe as their favorite travel destination. An example can be given of Canada where a robust health system lengthens people's lives who then seek adventures by traveling to Europe.

Of all tourist destinations, you may wonder why senior travelers head to Europe at the expense of other alluring places. A couple of reasons underlie such preference.

In Europe seniors are highly respected and they can feel that. This is a stark opposite of what sometimes happens in North America where older people in the community are taken for granted. Therefore senior citizens who travel to Europe, like being appreciated and welcomed in the society.

Most importantly, tourist infrastructure in Europe is among the world's best. From hotels to restaurants, visitors will experience the best of care not to mention expert guidance of the tour guide. To cap it all, Western Europe has world class health system that easily caters to the needs of the seniors.

With increased traffic of older people 65 and above years of age, tour companies specifically curtailed to senior globetrotters have sprung up in Europe. Road Scholar ( is a popular tour operator that mostly focuses on educational tours all over Europe. This company was formerly referred to as ElderHostel and mostly deals with senior people the only exception being its grandchildren and grandparents program. There is also the ElderTreks ( and Grand Circle Travel ( companies. These tour operators offer guides to older people who have surpassed the age of 50.

Other tour companies such as the Grand European Tours (, Go Ahead Tours ( and Colette Tours ( have been in the market for quite some time. They have no minimum age limits and they ensure that seniors in their midst can easily keep up with the pace set.

The Pros

Several benefits come with taking senior tours in Europe. Some agencies provide seniors with listening devices and in most hotels elevators are installed. The older people can therefore understand instructions in the field and access hotel rooms as well. Travel arrangements are also made before you leave for Europe. This way your budget always remains the same. And to cut on costs, you have the choice of either sleeping in one or two hotels. Therefore, you have all the time you need to visit local homes, schools, or even take a cruise to the Mediterranean Sea or the many rivers found in Europe.

The Cons

Though European tours are promising, there are some setbacks senior people should expect. They cannot take road trips alone in Europe. This is because in countries like Czech Republic Greece, UK and Ireland, there is the maximum age limit for renting a car. In addition, they do not qualify for discounts that normally those living in the European Union get in hotels, museums and other facilities. Discounts can only be given on train fares and other passes.

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