Tourism Review Online Magazine 11 / 2013

Nov 25, 2013

Dear readers

When it is freezing outside, it is a perfect time for you to open the latest issue of Tourism Review Online Magazine. The December issue invites readers to explore some of the latest additions to the UNESCO List of World Heritage. Open the Heritage supplement. Chile and its numerous attractions is the topic of the Destination part. Adrenaline lovers on the other hand should go to the Adventure supplement for a cup of inspiration for your next bike tour.

African tourism, its successes and challenges, is the topic of the Professional part while the Ethical supplement focuses this time on senior travelers. Enjoy the snowy issue!

Milada Sovadinova



HERITAGE/ New and Fascinating UNESCO Sites

Daniel A. Tanner

- Nov 25, 2013

Mount Fuji, Canadian whaling station, Western Ghats in India, ancient city in Ukraine – they all are some of the newest UNESCO sites bringing history to life. Discover the past and present of these remarkable places.

PROFESSIONAL/ Highs and Lows of African Tourism

Denise Chen

- Nov 25, 2013

Numerous reports show that African tourism has a great potential. Various conflicts – regional as well as domestic – however prevent many of the countries to fully utilize all their possibilities.

ETHICAL/ Stimulating Travel for Active Seniors

Richard Moor

- Nov 25, 2013

More and more elderly people decide to enjoy their time by traveling to places they never had a chance to visit. Learn smart tips for savvy senior travelers and explore the world even in older age.

ADVENTURE/ Best Bike Rides for Young and Old

Pat Hyland

- Nov 25, 2013

Cycling and bike tours are growing in popularity all around the world. Discover the top bike-friendly cities, learn more about one of the most fascinating bike rides in Australia, ride through the Chinese province of Fujian and get some tips on choosing the best bike tour.

DESTINATION/ Chile – Adventure and Relaxation

Laura Maudlin

- Nov 25, 2013

Crowds of tourists are discovering the beauty of Chile – there is much more to see than the Easter Island. Explore the local national parks, snow-capped mountains, as well as wine regions offering remarkable experience for your taste buds.