Types of Bike Tours – Which Is the Best for You

Dan Rang - Nov 25, 2013
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Bike tours are increasingly becoming popular today. They are the best way to visit new places and explore them in style. Even though bike tours have their own disadvantages, the benefits are also amazing. As long as you select the right bike tour with a good company that is reputable, you are bound to have a good adventure. As you plan the epic journey of your lifetime, finding the most appropriate bike tour will be very important.

The following are some of the bike tours you may consider:

Short Term Bike Tour

In this type of tour, there are different ride options that you can participate with your partner. The tour usually involves support stations that are staged at different strategic points. These stations are meant for riders to stop and refill their water bottles or take a bite. In addition to this, there are stops and a mechanic is positioned to solve any mechanical issue that you may be facing. Indeed, it can plausibly be argued that this is the right bike tour for those who are looking for a tranquil and solitude ride. Plenty of riders on the road is a clear indication that you can never get bored.

Bike Tours with Guided Groups

To date, there are multiple companies that offer group guided tours. This means you can take part with a group of several riders but you are led by a guide. As you go through rough roads or rails, you will be confident knowing that there is an experienced person who knows the region. The best companies offer escort vans that are filled with repair tools, drinks as well as food. All riders will camp along the way but there is also an option of staying in hotels. The good news is that the guides are familiar with the surrounding areas and have a better knowledge of the routes. However, it is advisable to study the routes and be familiar with them before venturing on this type of tour. As usual, some of the routes may be very rough and mountainous hence becoming difficult for some riders to handle.

Romantic Couple Bike Tours

This is a favorite for those who are travelling as a couple. These tours involve stop overs at different hotels where you can stay in with your better half. The routes offered are different so that couples can experience a challenging yet captivating tour experience. This tour offers the best experience for you and your spouse to pedal to different destinations. However, some operators may not give roadside assistance so it is advisable to have some basic repair skills in case of any mechanical fault.

Bike Packing Tours

This is an appropriate tour for riders who want to go alone at their own preferred pace. Indeed, it gives one the chance to perfect his or her biking skills. The tour can go for a number of days depending on the distance and how fast the riders are. There is also an opportunity to camp at night at different locations. All the other important gear and food is towed in a trailer but riders can also opt to carry more clothing on the bike.

However, this type of tour can be quite challenging. Some of the riders can be better than others. As such, it is advisable to pick friends who are of the same level. Even more importantly, it is good to go with friends, who have knowledge of bike repairs. This is important especially if you are riding on back roads.

These bike tours can quench the biking thirst you have had for a long time. You only have to select the right tour and be in the right company at the same time. If you participate with other cycling enthusiasts that you are familiar with, the experience will be more enjoyable. If you are new in the cycling world, you can watch the real racers do the thing as you learn slowly. Nonetheless, most of these tours and trips are ideal for riders who are experienced and advanced. If you are new in the game, it is advisable to participate with an experienced person that you are familiar with. Above all, conduct a thorough research of the tour operators available. It is important to select operators who are genuine and have a credible reputation.

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