ADVENTURE/ Best Bike Rides for Young and Old

Cycling and bike tours are growing in popularity all around the world. Discover the top bike-friendly cities, learn more about one of the most fascinating bike rides in Australia, ride through the Chinese province of Fujian and get some tips on choosing the best bike tour.



Top 10 Cities for Bike Lovers

Alec Hills

Are you tired of touring the cities on subways and buses and feel that it is time for a more fulfilling experience? With the increasing number of bike-share systems and the growing popularity of bike culture, it has become easier to tour the cities on bicycles. You do not have to grope for a good view through the window or feel like you missed out on something; with a bike, you tour at your own pace and can always make a stop if something really intrigues you. If you plan to embark on two-wheele...

Great Victorian Bike Ride Offers Remarkable Experience

Bill Alen

The popularity of cycling holidays in Australia has increased tremendously due to the magnificent scenery of the Great Ocean Road. The annual Great Victorian Bike Ride, which marks its 30th anniversary on Saturday 23 November 2013, is an event you will not want to miss. Its 620 km stretch will start from the iconic Mount Gambier’s rugged terrain and conclude at Geelong on Sunday 1 December 2013. The nine days of the bike ride tour will take you through some of the most breathtaking views of sout...

What Is the Best Type of a Bike Tour for You?

Dan Rang

Bike tours are increasingly becoming popular today. They are the best way to visit new places and explore them in style. Even though bike tours have their own disadvantages, the benefits are also amazing. As long as you select the right bike tour with a good company that is reputable, you are bound to have a good adventure. As you plan the epic journey of your lifetime, finding the most appropriate bike tour will be very important. The following are some of the bike tours you may consider: S...

Cycling China: Discover Beautiful Fujian

Chris Grad

China is a deeply cultural country filled with an assortment of stunning cycling opportunities. When cycling through Fujian, it will feel as if you are experiencing time travel. You will start out among the busy super highways of the country where laden trucks saunter through their daily routines. Eventually you will reach the wastelands of worker-apartments and then, before long, you will be among the export factories that litter the coast. No matter which leg of the journey you find yourself ...