ETHICAL/ Stimulating Travel for Active Seniors

More and more elderly people decide to enjoy their time by traveling to places they never had a chance to visit. Learn smart tips for savvy senior travelers and explore the world even in older age.



ElderTreks Gets It Right from the Start!

Richard Moor

In the 21st century, seniors (50 to 80 years of age) control more than half the discretionary income in the western world. Discretionary income is the amount people have left over after paying their necessary expenses, such as food, rent or mortgage payments, utilities, transportation and insurance. In poll after poll over several decades, what do seniors put at the top of their discretionary spending wish lists? Travel. But not just any travel... The stereotype of older vacationers wanting t...

Europe Is a Popular Destination for Senior Travelers

Nils Kraus

Majority of older people especially those in their late sixties and above, prefer Europe as their favorite travel destination. An example can be given of Canada where a robust health system lengthens people's lives who then seek adventures by traveling to Europe. Of all tourist destinations, you may wonder why senior travelers head to Europe at the expense of other alluring places. A couple of reasons underlie such preference. In Europe seniors are highly respected and they can feel that. Th...

Seniors Opt for RV Holiday – Not Only in the U.S.

Larry Brain

According to the statistics produced by the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association, the estimated number of RV enthusiasts in the United States is 35 million including an increasing number of baby boomers who are now in their fifties and sixties. RVing offers freedom and flexibility which are among the reasons why it has grown so popular not only among senior travelers. You can move if you do not like where you currently are or continue staying if the place suits you. Another of the popul...
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Tips for Seniors Traveling around the World

Pat Hyland

Senior travelers find travel adventures being the best way to rejuvenate their lives as a reward for their busy schedule of career building. More and more people in the western world enjoy good health up to older age and many decide to fulfill their travel dreams they were never able to. Here is a summary of key travel tips for savvy senior travelers. Season to Travel: It is wise to choose the less exhaustive seasons especially if you are retired and have a flexible schedule. For European t...