DESTINATION/ Chile – Adventure and Relaxation

Crowds of tourists are discovering the beauty of Chile – there is much more to see than the Easter Island. Explore the local national parks, snow-capped mountains, as well as wine regions offering remarkable experience for your taste buds.



The 8th Wonder of the World Is … Torres del Paine National Park

Larry Brain

Torres del Paine National Park was voted the 8th Wonder of the World after receiving a torrent of more than 5 million votes from the world over. The contest was organized by the travel website The Chilean UNESCO biosphere reserve which is reputed for its lakes, waterfalls, glaciers and granite towers was selected from among 300 entries from 50 different countries by VirtualTourist site visitors. In a statement made by Kimberly Stirdivant Wason who is the head of PR and mar...

Tourism Industry of Chile Utilizing Its Potential

Andrea Hausold

Tourism industry in Chile has been quite successful over the last decades. The positive results can be attributed to Chile’s strong economy, political stability and stunning beauty. Chile has established standard package tours and hotels. Growing number of eco-tourism companies are focusing on the opportunities offered by tourism, with strive to protect the environment, take tourists to more remote destinations, and create exciting outdoor experiences. At the moment, tourism accounts for about ...

Chile’s Top Breath-Taking Attractions

Samuel Dorsi

Chile’s strategic location offers spectacular tourist attractions with a nice climate. The country lies between the Andes and Pacific Ocean, with a long coastline extending beyond 2672 miles (4,300 kilometers). The country is long but very narrow – it is at most 112 miles (180 kilometers) wide. Just along the Pacific ring of fire, Chile presents the world’s amazing scenery with superb glaciers and fjords, volcanoes and deserts rated to be among the world driest. 10/ Cerro San Cristóbal Norther...

Chilean Wine Regions Attract Growing Numbers of Tourists

James Morris

Nowadays Chile is recognized as a global producer of excellent wines. The Chilean valleys feature a perfect combination of soil, humidity, temperature and sunlight. The New World, especially Australia, has reasons to envy the plentiful supply of water on the Chilean vineyards, coming from the melted snow of the Andes. The Old World has reasons to envy Chile for the lack of wine pests and diseases, its warm and dry summers, and its low production costs. The Chilean wines are among the most popul...