Denise Chen - Mar 31, 2014
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A total of 64% Europeans will take two getaways of a maximum of five nights, but longer trips will vary the most budget-wise since Germans and the British will spend approximately 1,000 euros per person. The Spanish and French will only spend up to 600 or 700 euros according to an online trip survey done by Travelzoo.

However, among those surveyed, Spain continues to be the favorite destination with Barcelona leading the ranks among the cities preferred by Europeans for an urban getaway. However, for the Spanish, their favorite city is London followed by Amsterdam and Berlin.
This study also shows the tendencies of each type of tourist at the time of organizing their vacation. So, while the British and Germans prefer to stay in a resort and sporadically visit some sites, the Spanish spend most of the day visiting their vacation destination. Although, 90% of them have not yet reserved their vacations, tending to wait to the last minute.

Differences regarding lodging and vacation periods of each type of tourist were also made clear since, while Germans, the French, and the British have flexibility when taking trips, not taking them during holidays, 70% of the Spanish stay true to their tendency to travel in summer.

In addition, most Spanish and German tourists choose to stay in hotels and have breakfast, while the French and British prefer half and full board, respectively.

Among motives for taking a trip, the highest percentage confirms that a good deal is the biggest incentive, while the British tourist puts an improvement of his or her financial situation first.

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