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Gary Diskin - Jan 28, 2013
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Most European cities are famous for walking tours; but have you ever thought about taking a running tour? Viewing the beautiful sites of Europe, while keeping fit – doesn't it sound amazing? It is a two-in-one package where you work off all that junk in your body, as you enjoy the beautiful scenery of European cities.

Berlin, Germany

This is one of those cities that have many sites; you need to be on a running tour to see them all. Mike's SightRunning Berlin organizes small sized running tours. These are daily tours that start at 6AM- midnight. On average, you can run between 4-6 miles every hour. If you want to know what it felt like running in the 2009 World Championships in Athletics marathon, then you have every reason to go for a running tour in Berlin. You can choose what is best for you since Mike's SightRunning Berlin offers several packages.

Paris, France

Paris, the famous city of light, offers tens of incredible attractions and sights. ParisRunningTours, gives you an opportunity to run along prominent Parisian runners. They know all the best sites of the city, so you will be sure to have the best experience, according to your choice. It is up to you to decide whether you want to view churches or French revolutionary sites. You can also visit beautiful canals and palaces that are not found anywhere in the world. After your tour, you are given a t-shirt, and a certificate, which come along a medal of honor.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Denmark's capital city has hit reviews as one of the most eco-friendly cities of the world. It is beautiful and endowed with unique architectural designs of castles and other historical buildings. Visitors also have different options of tours to choose from. Running Tours Copenhagen offers a variety of options – you can either take their Grand Tour of the city, or go only for a 3-4 mile run. You will also get a chance to enjoy local brews, and to interact with the owner of the company.

Barcelona, Spain

With what Barcelona offers, you need a running tour to enjoy. Running Tours Barcelona has designed different running tours to fit your needs. For first-timers, it would be advisable to start with the Old Town, and get the privilege to run on some of the greatest streets of history, like the Las Ramblas. The Old Town tour is only about 6 miles long, so that won't take you long. Exploring the unique architecture of Antonio Gaudi and the Cathedral will definitely leave you breathless. For those who wish to take a long tour, Barcelona XL tour wouldn't be bad. A 13-14 mile tour will take you through amazing sites like the Sagrada Familia and even the El Ravel area.

Istanbul, Turkey

Did you know that Istanbul is the only city of the world that links two continents? MaratonTurk company will allow you to tour two continents while jogging. You will jog from Europe to Asia and back. It is absolute fun! You can run 4 or 7.5 miles and return on a cruise ship. You will set your eyes on prominent sites like the Atatürk Bridge, and the Kizkulesi Maiden's Tower. If you have ever wished to see the Eyüp Sultan Mosque, famous in history books, then this is the place to be. For all the hard work you will get a commemorative medal.

Vienna, Austria

Vienna Sight Running helps visitors to view as many sites as possible in the shortest time possible. You can either take a 5 mile or a 6 mile run. First-timers can take a 5 mile run, which will take them through the old-fashioned architecture of the city, and beautiful streets that are simply breathtaking. Adventurous people will have more fun on the 6 mile tour, which runs along River Danube.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is endowed with 18th century architecture and historical buildings that are very pleasing to the eyes. You will experience peaceful canals and feel the beauty of Netherlands. Since some areas do not allow buses or bikes, running is the best option. Taking a one hour running tour is one of the best experiences that you should not miss. The tour has several stop-points like the Waterlooplein flea market, and the Rijksmuseum.

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