Alec Hills - Oct 30, 2007
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Four US cities have for one year now been the scenes of the trial period of one of the most innovative ideas of modern tourism. Whereas the vast majority of the world’s tour operators employ traditional methods to take their clients around cities and places of interest, City Running Tours gets its clients to jog.


This may seem rather optimistic, yet has so far been a huge hit amongst businessmen and athletes. The bottom line is that the tours are perfect for businessmen who wish to kill two birds with one stone by exercising and going sightseeing. Few such individuals enjoy spending time on a hotel treadmill. Similarly, the scheme is ideal for athletes who wish to spice up their training regime by catching a few glimpses of some places and monuments of interest.


The company was founded last year by a native New Yorker who aimed to combine the two passions of his life: running and the city itself. His dream became true when he did not only manage to combine these important elements of his life yet also make it into a successful business. San Diego was recently added to the quartet of cities where such tours are available, Washington and Chicago being the other two.


Each tour is performed with the client running next to a tour operator. If the operator’s speed is deemed too demanding, there is always of course the option of slowing down. With this innovative idea, we could see light at the end of the tunnel in the fight to make holidays less of a burden on the body and, indeed, completely reverse the process. Clients could begin to feel less guilty about tucking into a holiday treat when the running tour comes to an end.

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