Tourism Review Online Magazine 2 / 2013

Jan 28, 2013

Dear readers

The chilly February is here together with the latest issue of Tourism Review Online Magazine. If you are already contemplating your summer vacation consider being more eco-friendly. The Ethical supplement gives you tips on how to travel in a more responsible way. Gold rush was an important part of the U.S. history. The Destination part presents some of the most remarkable gold rush places that will take you back in time.

Running tours are growing in popularity and the Heritage supplement focuses on the how and where. Professional part on the other hand digs deeper under the cover of Asian countries and their growing outbound tourism. First of all though, prepare your taste buds and explore the best airport restaurants in the world in the Transport supplement.

Milada Sovadinova



HERITAGE/ Run for Running Tours

Nils Kraus

- Jan 28, 2013

Sydney, Paris, Los Angeles – these are just a few of cities travelers may explore while running. Join local running tours and expect great workout and amazing sights.

PROFESSIONAL/ Watch out in Asia: Growing Outbound Travel Markets

Ashley Nault

- Jan 28, 2013

Asian outbound tourism has been growing rapidly in the recent years. Japan, Indonesia and above all China are the source markets of tourists not only in Asia but Europe and North America as well.

DESTINATION/ Dig Deep in U.S. Gold Rush Towns

Andrea Hausold

- Jan 28, 2013

The gold rush may be long gone but even today you can relive the history in a couple of amazing places with the mining atmosphere. Visit Bodie, the famous ghost town, Resurrection Creek and Hope and much more.