Green Packing: Reuse and Recycle

Nils Kraus - Jan 28, 2013
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An estimated 60.3 million Americans travelled abroad last year according to the statistics released by the ITA (International Trade Administration). It may well be true that entire boxes of Ziploc bags went into each of these travelers' carry-on items. 'Green' packing, though sounding paradoxical, can be partially achieved through undertaking adjustments in packaging materials and road supplies whenever we are traveling. Here are five tips on ideas on what to carry and pack on your next eco-friendly holiday:

Invest in re-usable snack bags

Since air travel is regarded as tiring, traveling with no snacks can be considered a punishment. Websites such as do have eco-friendly snack containers, which can be re-used to minimize the Ziploc overload. sandwich bags are moisture resistant, easy to clean and lightweight. In the event you will be staying in a hotel that has a grocery nearby, you can save on costs by packing your sandwiches and eating them at a picnic in the local park. In case you need an alternative to the plastic produce bags for bulkier items, the Flip and Tumble bags will give you the best option as they are the best when it comes to stashing odds in your hotel room.

For toiletries use clear Tupperware container

Most travelers use disposable bags to pack toiletries to protect clothes in case of spills. It is important to know that clear Tupperware containers will work well in protecting your clothes. For this tip to work effectively, your toiletries must not be in a carry back, especially if it is not clear. This is because airport security agents must be able to identify its contents. The Tupperware container can also come in handy for your souvenir storage. The Tupperware can be emptied, padded using a wet washcloth and then used to safeguard your souvenirs on your return journey.

Go for rechargeable batteries

Many devices including cameras, flashlights, toys and travel alarm clocks need batteries. It is advisable to use rechargeable batteries even though the chargers might use the same space as would a pack of disposable batteries. The United States Environmental Protection Agency does recommend getting more information on tips for maximizing battery life and on how to effectively recycle rechargeable batteries by visiting Call2Recycle.

Treat your water to reduce plastic waste

Depending on where you are visiting, drinking tap water might make you end up in a hospital, thus leaving you with no option but buying bottled water. One can avoid dependence on bottled water by using Micropur tablets, Outback Water-Bottle Filter, the SteriPEN and other purifiers, which reduce, if not eliminate, the need for using plastic bottles. Visiting Matador, will give you an extensive list that includes the advantages and disadvantages of each method.

Wrap your gifts at home

By wrapping your gifts after completing the airport security check is one way of saving tress. The TSA, which can check any package in your possession, may unwrap your packages meaning you will have to wrap it again. It is thus advisable to wrap your gifts after the security checks and save a tree.

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