ETHICAL/ Planning Eco-friendly Vacations 101

Many travelers are well aware of the importance of traveling green. Find out how to be more eco-friendly on your next trip.


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10 Tips for Eco-friendly Holiday

Kevin Eagan

Eco-friendly vacations are a perfect time to unwind and explore new destinations keeping in mind the need to care for the environment. Here are some travel tips which will not only help you save money, but also protect the ecosystem while traveling. 1) Pre-trip arrangements: Before leaving for a trip, make sure you have switched off all your lights and unplugged all electronic appliances. You can keep one light switched on with a timer so that it seems like you are in the house, thereby saving ...
Sustainable/Eco/Green Tourism

Looking for Eco-friendly Tour Operators

Anna Luebke

Currently, there are no universal guidelines as to what should qualify as eco-friendly. In view of this, finding out if tour operators, hotels or lodges are eco-friendly can be a challenge. This is because they are commercial ventures, which can easily exploit ecosystems and local communities. As a green traveler, you wish to enjoy your tour but not at the expense of sustainability. How to distinguish eco-friendly tour operators? One of the ways in which you can find green tour operators is by ...

Business Travel: Stay Eco-Friendly Even on the Road

Tomas Haupt

Business often requires one to travel and besides making your business more eco-friendly, you could also chip in and aim to create the same atmospheric philosophy for your day to day living. By carefully contemplating your business trips solutions, you will be chipping in to an environment that is cleaner. Eco airports Airports worldwide lead to the creation of carbon footprints resulting from carbon being emitted and the use of non-friendly sources of energy by the passengers. Look for airpor...
Sustainable/Eco/Green Tourism

Packing Bags in a Green Way

Nils Kraus

An estimated 60.3 million Americans travelled abroad last year according to the statistics released by the ITA (International Trade Administration). It may well be true that entire boxes of Ziploc bags went into each of these travelers' carry-on items. 'Green' packing, though sounding paradoxical, can be partially achieved through undertaking adjustments in packaging materials and road supplies whenever we are traveling. Here are five tips on ideas on what to carry and pack on your next eco-frie...