PROFESSIONAL/ Watch out in Asia: Growing Outbound Travel Markets

Asian outbound tourism has been growing rapidly in the recent years. Japan, Indonesia and above all China are the source markets of tourists not only in Asia but Europe and North America as well.


Asia: Outbound Travel Is Steadily Rising tourism

Asia: Outbound Travel Is Steadily Rising

Bill Alen

Asia is still in the driver's seat when it comes to global tourism. With outbound trips from Asia rising 7% according to the most recent ITB World Travels Trend Report Asian markets remain strong. A rise in wages due to macroeconomic conditions in the region has been responsible for this increase in traveling and tourism. The vast majority of travelers originated from Japan and China, both nations reported double digit growth from traveling originating in those countries. From January to June t...
China's Outbound Tourism – 30% of International Travel tourism

China's Outbound Tourism – 30% of International Travel

Pat Hyland

In the future, China just might become the largest tourism outbound market in the world. Its outbound market is sitting pretty at 1.2 times larger than U.S.A and 3.5 times larger than their neighbor Japan. In the recent past it has been observed that the number of Chinese citizens travelling abroad is growing day by day, boosted by a market of over 70 million people and a deficit in trade of tourism services of at least $20 billion hitting a new record. China alone has contributed about 30% to ...
Japanese Tourists Exploring the World tourism

Japanese Tourists Exploring the World

Wayne M. Gore

The outbound travel in Japan is on course to surpass the 17,818,590 all-time record set in 2000. A report by the Ministry of Justice said that a total of 8,964,605 Japanese headed abroad between the months of January and June 2012. This is the highest number ever since the 9,896,492 recorded in 2000 for the same period. With an increase of 17.51% from 2011 when the travel industry was hit by the destructive earthquakes and tsunami, traffic has witnessed double digit increases every month in 2012...
Indonesia – Great Potential of the Outbound Travelers tourism

Indonesia – Great Potential of the Outbound Travelers

Wayne M. Gore

It is estimated that by 2020, Indonesia will be one of the rapid-growing markets of outbound tourists. Indonesian tourism and trade experts conceive that New Zealand need to prepare for greater amount of Indonesian visitors. In Indonesia last year, the amount of wealthy consumers grew by 20%. The population of Indonesia's middle class is also rising thanks to an increase in incomes which results in more spending on lifestyle, comfort and quality of living. The amount of domestic travelers in...