Yreka – Gold Rush Atmosphere at Hand

William Law - Jan 28, 2013
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Yreka, California is a town that brings great memories for some and a reminder of the depression era in others. The greatest thing about this town still lingers despite the quietness that looms around it. This was the hub of the Yreka gold rush that saw many Americans running to make a fortune from it.

It was Abraham Thomson that started the whole effect after he found flakes of gold in the grass nearby where his mule was feeding. More than 200 miners had set camp and make shift tents for the gold within weeks. It was this that led to one of the biggest gold mines in America's history. The mine produced tons of gold that were worth millions of dollars.

The story goes on to reveal that the mine was dug to depletion and was abandoned much later but with it grew the Yreka town in California. The town still has the memories and is still known for the gold rush. The mine though not in use at the moment is still a tourist destination worth visiting.

The town itself is a relic of gold mining with an old natured feel and touch of the era. The hangovers of the gold rush are still easily visible. There are also great historical stops and resting places that fuse together to give a nostalgic feeling even for those that did not experience the gold rush.

Located deep in Siskiyou County, Yreka is a city with various attractions. Amazingly you can still find families that settled in the town during the gold rush. These also carry a lot of information about the whole era. The pleasant town also poses some of the best panoramic views and granite peaks.

Miner Street is the center of the town. This quiet cosmopolitan town has adorned false westernized fronts that give the antique touch. It is definitely a place you can kick back and relax in. The Dewey mine was where the biggest discovery was made with thousands of workers gunning for the gold hunt. The prospects were worth it.

The Siskiyou county house holds one of the biggest gold collections in the south of Alaska. The window display holds gold worth about $3 million. The story goes that there was more till a February night saw some stolen. It's amazing to see the kind of security that has been provided for the piles of gold in this town. The display is however worth seeing for those that have never seen this amount of raw gold.

The county house also holds a lot of information about the gold mining activities that took place at the Dewey mine. You will also get to view many architectural monuments including the old meat house that is now a scrapbooking shop. The meat house was closed in 2009 and was then a major supplier of meat to the rich miners.

The town also holds some really nice restaurants that offer accommodation. In case you are in the area, try out the Rose Room. This hotel has incorporated the western feel and the modern touch to create a cozy accommodative condition that comes with hand crocheted bedspreads and floral wallpaper. The Brickhouse pizzeria is also a great place to catch some pizza and salads that are a specialty in the town.

The road to Dewey mine has some scenic plains with granite peaks behind them. You will get great panoramic views with field adorned with cows and horses towards the mine. Etna Brewing Co. is a place you will want to stop for a great meal and local beer. The whole trip is nothing short of relaxing. Take time and awaken the ghosts of the town at the mines in your travel to Yreka. The town is not only pleasant but full of culture and history that came with a much remembered gold rush.

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