DESTINATION/ Dig Deep in U.S. Gold Rush Towns

The gold rush may be long gone but even today you can relive the history in a couple of amazing places with the mining atmosphere. Visit Bodie, the famous ghost town, Resurrection Creek and Hope and much more.



Top Attractions for California Gold Rush Fans

Laura Maudlin

The California Gold Rush was an historic event in the nineteenth century that attracted people from all over the world to what became known as "The Golden State." The frenzy began after carpenter James Marshall discovered gold in the American River. The Gold Rush marked an amazing population expansion in Northern and Central California, as pioneers sailed into San Francisco Bay then continued on the Sacramento River, which connects with the American River in Sacramento. Unfortunately, many of t...

Bodie – The Largest Ghost Town

Gregory Dolgos

A town that is a bit off the beaten path - the town of Bodie is worth visiting for any traveler. Bodie in California is the largest unrestored ghost town in the West. It is a must see if you are interested in visiting towns associated with the 1859 Gold Rush. The amazing thing about Bodie is that it is now totally deserted; however in 1879 it had nearly 10,000 residents and over 2,000 buildings. Bodie is located about 75 miles of Lake Tahoe on the California – Nevada border so visitors to the T...

Alaska’s Resurrection Creek Attract Prospectors Even Today

Kevin Eagan

Resurrection Creek in Alaska is famous for the gold discovery which led to a gold rush during the 1880s. By 1893 about a dozen miners had staked a claim on the creek and by 1894 more claims were established on the site. Although the gold rush took place more than a century ago placer mining still continues today. It is estimated that about 35,000 oz of gold has been produced since mining began in 1895. Fine gold can still be panned from gravel along the river as it flows through a 1,000 foot-wi...

Yreka: Experience the Gold Rush Days

William Law

Yreka, California is a town that brings great memories for some and a reminder of the depression era in others. The greatest thing about this town still lingers despite the quietness that looms around it. This was the hub of the Yreka gold rush that saw many Americans running to make a fortune from it. It was Abraham Thomson that started the whole effect after he found flakes of gold in the grass nearby where his mule was feeding. More than 200 miners had set camp and make shift tents for the g...