Culinary Tourists Head to Porta Gaig in Barcelona

Bill Alen - Jan 28, 2013
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Porta Gaig in Barcelona, world’s best airport restaurant according to a recent list of The Daily Meal, is known for extraordinary dining experience, service and dining room ambience, and their stunning interior.

Porta Gaig restaurant is run by Carles Gaig and is located in the T1 terminal building of Barcelona Airport. The restaurant's menu is full of the traditional Catalan dishes. In fact, the menu is served in a similar style to Fonda Gaig, Carles Gaig's other restaurant located in the center of Barcelona. In addition, the restaurant's style/service/décor and cuisine remain unmatched, from taste, quality, and freshness to plating, presentation, and innovative menu options.

The interior design of Porta Gaig restaurant was done by Ricard Bofill, a renowned architect. The inside space of the restaurant is minimalist, airy and contemporary with panoramic windows. It is paneled with pale beech wood and furnished with modern furniture. Besides, you can actually watch planes land and take off as you enjoy your meal.

The restaurant offers you all-time favorites including roasted prat chicken, coquettes and cod fritters made from stew ingredients, and cod in samfaina, a mix of garlic, tomatoes, zucchini and eggplant. There is no doubt that Porta Gaig is giving new meaning to airport restaurants. In fact, the Michelin-star restaurant has made Barcelona a popular gourmet-dining destination. The good thing with Porta Gaig is that it combines the ambiance and quality of an elegant airport restaurant with the brisk convenience of a tantalizing airport meal.

You will find a place for a quick meal of pata negra at the counter with a side of pa amb tomaquet. These dishes are probably the most pleasant of the Porta Gaig's quicker meals. The restaurant also offers a menu of tapas, which is a display of prepared hot and cold caviar, and even raciones. You can rest assured that you will make your way into the sleek dining room of the restaurant once you read their appealing menu posted outside. You can choose a table in the stunning dining room close to the long glass wall. You will actually enjoy your leisurely meal of tender veal or crispy Iberian pork.

It does not matter whether you are in the airport for a few hours or just a few minutes. You should ensure that you packed your appetite. Indeed, Porta Gaig should cross your mind when you think of a light and healthy meal before take-off, especially when you find yourself at the airport rather early. It would be the perfect way to end your wonderful Catalan vacation.

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