Heritage: Restaurant as a Destination? That is Crazy!

It’s time for something special – special restaurants to be precise. Let’s visit a popular place in Manila where you will be served by little ‘hobbits’. Perhaps you prefer nurses; then go to Riga and get ready for a straightjacket. Maybe you want something adventurous then The Clink and their prison food is your option.


The Hobbit House Restaurant Full of Dwarfs

Pat Hyland

While the Philippine capital Manila has no dearth of the strange and exotic to mesmerize visitors, the Hobbit House – called ‘the world’s most unusual restaurant’ – would be hard to trump. Located in Marcelo H. del Pilar street, between Arquiza and Padre Faura streets, the restaurant is staffed entirely by midgets. Billing itself as “The only restaurant in the world owned, managed and staffed entirely by Hobbits”, the Hobbit House has managed to survi...

The Clink Serves Not Only the Prison Food

Bill Alen

From the 12th century until 1780, The Clink was Britain’s most notorious prison, detaining heretics and priests, debtors and rebel rousers. With the clink of a lock, inmates were condemned to a diet of bread and water. Things change. On May 11th 2009, The Clink re-opened at Her Majesty’s Prison High Down, Sutton, Surrey. This time, however, it is a restaurant serving gourmet and wholesome food to prison staff, visitors and the public. The Experience The Clink offers a memorable d...

Hospitalis: Medical Adventure with Outstanding Cuisine

Kevin Eagan

If you want to enjoy extraordinary Soviet hospital atmosphere head to the capital city of Latvia, Riga, where you can find a unique themed restaurant aptly called Hospitālis. The restaurant was developed in cooperation with several Latvian hospitals and the local Museum of History of Medicine that donated authentic hospital-related articles that now decorate the interior of the restaurant. The author of the whole concept is Maris Revalds, the chairman of the board of a leading medical institu...

Inamo Restaurant for the New Generation

Dan Rang

No matter how good the food may be in any restaurant, as long as the service is insufficient, customers might leave unsatisfied. People often get tired of waiting to be served and particularly frustrated when human waiters get the order wrong and bring an erroneous dish. These were the precise thoughts and experiences of the owners of London Soho’s Inamo restaurant, where customers have touchpads at their disposal to order dishes. Inamo is a pioneering Oriental fusion restaurant and bar wh...

O.NOIR: It Is Better in the Dark

Chris Grad

After three years of stimulating Montrealers' senses and stomachs, O.NOIR is excited to bring its extraordinary culinary adventure to Toronto. Opened in June 2009, the Canada's first-ever "Dine in the Dark" restaurant now invites Torontonians to experience food, drink and conversation like never before – without their sight! "It's a sensual dining experience like no other!" says O.NOIR owner and founder Moe Alameddine. "When you eat food in the dark, your remaining senses are heightened...