Tourism Review Online Magazine 8 / 2009

Aug 31, 2009
Dear readers

Have you ever thought about opening a special restaurant that would make everyone twitter about? Did you think about Hobbit Restaurant, Prison Restaurant or even Dark Restaurant? They are all there. Read the Heritage part for some inspiration. Many restaurants make use of the many advantages of internet booking and they are not the only ones in the travel world. Internet became a great source of information as well as revenue. Read the Professional supplement about the role of the net in today’s travel trade.

The Medical part focuses on the various differences in the terms and concepts the spa industry uses around the world. For those who are not really into baths, massages and similar stuff and seek something more active – check out the Adventure supplement devoted to whale watching trips, equestrian holidays, and unique tours like “Dinner with Tasmanian Devil”. If you want more, let us invite you to the country with pristine nature but also serious economical problems. Bangladesh offers adventurous holidays, sightseeing, nature tours, but also a portrait of a land facing political instability and poverty.

Milada Sovadinova


Heritage: Restaurant as a Destination? That is Crazy!

Daniel A. Tanner

- Aug 31, 2009
It’s time for something special – special restaurants to be precise. Let’s visit a popular place in Manila where you will be served by little ‘hobbits’. Perhaps you prefer nurses; then go to Riga and get ready for a straightjacket. Maybe you want something adventurous then The Clink and their prison food is your option.

Professional: Surfing the World Wide Web

Pat Hyland

- Aug 31, 2009
Thousands of websites offer the best travel deals and promote themselves as the one stop shop for a traveler. However, what is the role of internet in the tourism world really? Who books more online – men or women? Who is most likely to write a customer review online?

Adventure: Traveling to the Animal Kingdom

Ashley Nault

- Aug 31, 2009
Whales! Aren’t they magnificent? They are not the only fauna treasures you can see by the Vancouver Island. If you go further to the north you will reach the polar bear capital of the world and see the white loners yourself. For all horse lovers – check out the unique trails in the Central Europe. And we have something even for those who dare to watch bats and ‘devils’!

Medical Tourism: Medical Wellness vs. Health Spas

Richard Moor

- Aug 31, 2009
Medical spa, health spa, curative spa – so many terms, so many concepts. Spas in Europe and the USA often use the same words with different meaning. Let’s focus on the differences within the spa industry between various regions as regards the terms, concepts, systems, historical background as well as the latest trends.