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Travelers are always in need of quality restaurants that provide tasty food and unique experience. brings you the five oldest restaurants out there. Explore culture, history and local lifestyle at these remarkable places.

Botin in Madrid, Spain

Founded in 1725

Declared as the "oldest restaurant" by The Guinness Book of World Records, this restaurant was voted to be the oldest for various historic reasons. Despite Botin being built in 1725, the works of writers like James Michener, Frederick Forsyth, and Ernest Hemingway proved the rich history and the palatial Spanish style of this restaurant. It was also rumored that the well-renowned Spanish painter, Goya used to be a waiter here. It was because of these significant amounts of documentation that aided and led to the Guinness decision. Botin is well-known because of its specialties like eels, roast lamb, and roasted suckling pig.

Zur Letzten Instanz in Berlin, Germany

Founded in 1621

This historic restaurant was built in 1621 in Berlin, Germany. It hosted famous dignitaries in history like Beethoven and Napoleon. The patrons of Zur Letzten Instanz witnessed the Berlin Wall being built. After the war, it was rebuilt in 1963. The restaurant is anyone's restaurant of choice in Berlin, especially if you're someone who likes big portions of traditional German food.

La Tour d'Argent of Paris, France

Founded in 1582

Founded and built in 1582, it was known to be the restaurant that was frequented by Henri IV. So if you're looking for a royalty dining experience, a visit in La Tour d'Argent is a must. The pressed duck is the specialty in this famous French restaurant, as they raise the ducks in their very own farm. The restaurant stands in The Quai de Tournelle. Interesting fact – the famous animated movie Ratatouille was inspired by this restaurant.

Zum Franziskaner in Stockholm, Sweden

Founded in 1421

This restaurant was built by friars in the year 1421. It is a traditional, high-end German restaurant that is currently run by a father and son team. It is a legend in the eyes of tourists. Zum Franziskaner is popular because of its brewing techniques that it has been able to maintain since the date of its founding. It is also considered a sailors' tavern and a high-end restaurant rolled into one. Tourists always find the dining experience at this restaurant as something memorable. Drinking all kinds of deliciously-brewed beers is one of the highlights no one should miss.

Stiftskeller, Austria

Founded in 803

St. Peter Stiftskeller – the restaurant in Salzburg is the oldest restaurant in the world. It was built inside St. Peter's Abbey in Salzburg in the year 803. The first person who took note of this restaurant's existence was Friar Albuin. He was a scholar and a follower of Charlemagne. Despite hundreds of years of different extensions and renovations the restaurant has always maintained its Baroque style. Currently, the old stone interior design of Stiftskeller remains to look very historic yet contemporary. It is famous for its weekly special, the "Mozart Dinner. If you want to be among the celebrities, dignitaries and members of the royalty that got to dine in this restaurant, then make Stiftskeller a part of your bucket list when visiting Salzburg, Austria.

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  1. this is incorrect

    Where's the 'piwnica świdnicka' on this list, which is operating since 1273?

    Bea (Afghanistan)
  2. We have one from 1198!

    Place called bromølle kro in Denmark on the island of Zealand, opened in 1198 and had been in business ever since :-)

    Magnus Lorenzen (Denmark)
  3. Don’t count

    To be considered oldest they have to have remained open continuously and been in the same building/location

    Davide (Australia)

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