Vanderlei J. Pollack - Nov 1, 2010

A Latvian restaurant offers an unforgettable experience. The staff wears hospital uniforms and rooms are equipped as in hospital. Guests use scalpels and syringes to eat and beer is served in urine caps.


Most people do not imagine a hospital as a place where you can eat good meals or have fun. The owners of an unusual restaurant in the capital of Latvia, Riga, decided to take advantage of the niche. As magazine Travel.spotcoolstuff reported the restaurant is called Hospitalis and its guests sit among skeletons and wheelchairs there. There are also screens on which visitors can watch scenes from famous doctor movies and the two-storey building itself looks like a hospital a lot.

Guests can enjoy their meal at various hospital rooms too. Those who do not like to eat at operating table, could go to a dental surgery and eat the meal while sitting in a dental chair. Real gourmets can have lunch in a gynecologic surgery. According to, most of the offered meals are European and they serve health food and a lot of salads too.

Those who dare to can try some of the 'crazy meals' for example the stuffed quail liver. These meals are prepared in such a way that they remind of something that has just been exteriorized from a patient. Before guests order any 'crazy meal', they have to sign a form in which they agree they will not ask the restaurant for any kind of compensation if they are not able to the meal in the end. Even if guests want an ordinary meal, they should know that they will eat it with a scalpel and a syringe or similar equipment. Also, drinks are served in a drip or a test tube and beer in urine caps there.

Surprisingly, it is not the first restaurant of such kind in the world. There are similar ones in Taipei and Singapore. All of them were established by former doctors and in all of them nurses serve the guests. However, the only restaurant where they can put you in a straitjacket if you wish is the Latvian Hospitals.

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  1. there were no so many people who would like to have meals at extreme conditions... restaurant is closed and now that place taken by some French style restaurant with specialities from France

    Aiq (Latvia)

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