Tourism Review News Desk - Aug 1, 2011
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A recent study revealed that Riga is the cheapest city for a tourist in Europe. Beer on the other hand is the cheapest in Prague.

According to the City Cost Barometer of the British Post Office Riga is the cheapest city in Europe. The study compared 19 cities ranging from Prague, Warsaw to Paris and New York. The results show that Riga is one of the most favorable tourism destinations in Europe.

The Barometer took into account various types of products and compared prices of an overnight stay in a three star hotel, the cost of food and entrance fees.

Thus for example a day in Riga will cost the tourist approximately EUR 130. Prague ranks second with EUR 152 and Budapest follows the Czech capital with EUR 154, reported

Comparing Riga with other European cities one day in Berlin costs EUR 218, Barcelona EUR 246 and London EUR 268. The most expensive is Stockholm and New York with EUR 346.

The study also showed considerable differences in prices for certain products. For example a cup of coffee in Lisbon costs EUR 0.57 but EUR 2.50 in London.

As to the attractions the entrance fee in the Prague Castle is EUR 10,07. A visit of the Notre Dame in Paris will cost you nothing. For a pint of beer it is the best to go to Prague where you will pay only EUR 1.41; in Dublin you will pay 3.77 EUR for a pint.

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