Anna Luebke - Jun 3, 2013
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According to a TripAdvisor poll, the worst tippers in the world can be found in Italy, since only 23% of Italian travelers stated that they gave a tip when they were away on vacations.

The purpose of this poll was to assess the tipping habits of people from 8 countries across the world. While the Italians were the least likely to leave a tip for a wide variety of different services, the Germans were on the top of the list of those who tipped well. The basic make-up of this survey included over 9,000 people in 8 countries.

When reviewing all of the survey numbers, the Americans stood out because they were 2nd on the list of big money tippers. However, their primary reasons for giving a tip were often based on the kind of services that the people in the services industry provided.

Even though tipping is a well-known staple in the American service culture, some people do not leave a tip unless they receive good or exceptional services. For instance, the basic criterion for tipping includes polite, helpful and friendly services from hosts at restaurants and at hotels.

As the 1st runner, 57 percent of all Americans surveyed said that they gave tips when they were away from home. If people go the extra mile to provide excellent services to their customers, the numbers increased to 59%.

Since each country has their own traditions, most Americans reviewed various travel guides for tip recommendations before they get to their destination. For instance, 48% of these Americans usually perused online reviews before they traveled abroad, while others browsed online travel forums. Listed below are the rankings for all 8 countries.


1. Germans - 69%
2. Americans - 57%
3. Russians - 53%
4. Brazilians - 40%
5. French - 39%
6. Brits - 39%
7. Spanish - 36%
8. Italians - 23%

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