TRANSPORT/ Yummy! Best Airport Restaurants

When you get stuck at an airport it is always good to know where the best airport restaurants are. Explore remarkable airport eateries around the world.


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World’s Best Airport Restaurants

Bill Alen

For many years the thought of having to eat in one of the bland, uninviting airport restaurants that are on offer, was as unappealing as the food. With a small selection of processed, shrink wrapped, greasy options, many people choose to wait until they reached their destination to have a meal. However, that is all about to change, ensuring that people want to eat in the airport. Through an extensive nomination process that involved traveling around the world and experiencing what an average tr...

Porta Gaig – Barcelona’s No. 1 Restaurant

Bill Alen

Porta Gaig in Barcelona, world’s best airport restaurant according to a recent list of The Daily Meal, is known for extraordinary dining experience, service and dining room ambience, and their stunning interior. Porta Gaig restaurant is run by Carles Gaig and is located in the T1 terminal building of Barcelona Airport. The restaurant's menu is full of the traditional Catalan dishes. In fact, the menu is served in a similar style to Fonda Gaig, Carles Gaig's other restaurant located in the cen...

Experience the Top Restaurants when Flying in Europe

Alec Hills

International flight is a time for relaxation and fun. Great food, a view of the planes and a good cocktail can make flight go from bearable to exciting and a journey one looks forward to. Explore the best European restaurants. When flying internationally they are all worth trying and come with high recommendations. When in Europe try some of the following restaurants and enjoy flying layovers as a part of a holiday to remember. Altitude in Genève, Switzerland‎ This fine restaurant has a view ...

Vancouver’s Globe@YVR Restaurant – The Gem at the Airport

Samuel Dorsi

Globe@YVR, one of the most popular airport restaurants, has been spreading its taste and hospitality across seven seas. Located at the International Airport in Vancouver, it has been spotted just above the United States departure terminal. The restaurant began its journey to fame when it began its operations in September 1999. Highlighting the delectable cuisine of the Pacific Northwest, the restaurant offers local elements in its wide and interesting menu. The distinguishing menu changes to ...