Cecilia Garland - May 27, 2013
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Lovely Mediterranean weather, beautiful beaches, cosmopolitan offerings, outdoor festivals as well as pulsing music – they all made Spanish Barcelona the most preferred destination for the users of travel guide Gogobot.

A survey conducted among 2.5 million users of Gogobot, the crowd-sourced travel guide, revealed that the most popular and favorite summer destination for them is the Catalonian capital – Barcelona. The city topped the list not only for its urban atmosphere and food scene but also for the plethora of summer activities.

For instance, Barcelona is the place of the largest annual citywide street party, Festa Major de Grazia. The event is held every August and attracts over a million party goers. It has been described as part outdoor rock concert or part art exhibition by Lonely Planet.

On the other hand, in June the city becomes a jam-packed den of beats especially when revelers gather for Sonar electronic music festival and the movie lovers descend to Sala Montjuic to enjoy al fresco.

The Gogobot's findings reflect the Britons’ travel patterns as well. The UK's Office for National Statistics noted an increase of 4.3 percent for British tourists visiting Spain between the years 2011 and 2012.

Other cites that made it to the top of the Gogobot list for the favorite summer destination were Chicago, Alaska, Honolulu and New Orleans. On the other hand, National Geographic editors named France, Marseille, Raja Ampat, Crimea, Indonesia and Ukraine among others as some of the top rated travel destination choices for 2013.

List of the top 10 most preferred summer destinations according to Gogobot:

1. Barcelona, Spain

2. Chicago, US

3. New Orleans, US

4. Alaska, US

5. Honolulu, US

6. Helsinki, Finland

7. Seattle, US

8. Vancouver, Canada

9. Ibiza, Spain

10. Bali, Indonesia

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