Conference Venues: Barcelona in MICE Destination No. 2

Tourism Review News Desk - Aug 29, 2011
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Barcelona, the Spanish capital, is thanks to its facilities and reliable professionals the second most popular destination for conferences. In recent years new hotels and venues were open which shows a clear determination of the city to reinvent itself.

Young and Innovative

In just over two decades, Barcelona significantly transformed its infrastructure and facilities showing a dynamic and pioneering spirit, which is perfectly visible in its new urban and architectural layout.

The city continues to enjoy spring-like climatic conditions, and encourages its visitors to enjoy the local lifestyle which combines the gentleness of the Mediterranean shores with the drive and capacity for innovation of a young society. This is a unique combination on the European continent, in a privileged geographical enclave, whose people thoroughly love this 21st-century Mediterranean metropolis.

Barcelona has four conference centers. The hotel offer is equally abundant and modern, with meeting facilities of up to 1.000 people. It also houses a wide range of historical and charming venues, ideal for banquets, cocktail parties, exhibitions and product presentations, in modern and fully equipped buildings.

Why Barcelona?

Welcoming – Barcelona is a dense city, neither too small nor too big, which makes it very welcoming and creates cozy atmosphere. Furthermore, it offers large cultural, social and commercial diversity.

Mediterranean – Barcelona has the characteristics of Mediterranean cities; it is dynamic and open. It is the only important city of Europe that offers 5 kilometers of beach.

Climate – Barcelona enjoys a very agreeable temperate climate all year long, which makes it possible to organize outdoor events in spring, summer and autumn.

Historical – Barcelona has over 2000 years of history, and preserves important remains of its past.

Cultural – Barcelona offers a very intense cultural life all year long: opera, ballet, concert, theatres, festivals, expositions, museums...

Gourmet city – Barcelona has developed a gastronomic movement with a strong creativity and style that makes her the first “gourmet” city outside France, according to the magazine Gourmet. Furthermore, the Mediterranean cuisine, considered as the healthiest, is applied with rigor even in the simplest restaurants.

Avant Garde – Catalonia has always been a land of famous people in the avant-garde currents of Europe – Picasso, Miró, Dali, Gaudi – are some the examples of the constant desire for renovation and creation, a true quality that is also present in today’s Catalan artists, would be architects and actual designers.

Well connected – Barcelona has an excellent air connection, especially with most of the Spanish and European cities. Its international airport, located only 15 minutes driving from the city is in full expansion. A new terminal is operating at the Barcelona's airport since July 2009. High speed trains connect Barcelona and Madrid.

Reliable – The Catalans are hardworking and reliable people. Throughout their history, they have showed their capacity to organise successful events with precision, creativity and efficiency.

The life style – Barcelona has its own way of life that makes it unique and special.

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