Tourism Review Online Magazine 8 / 2014

Aug 25, 2014

Dear readers

The summer holiday is over and Tourism Review Online Magazine is back again to enlighten and inspire. Recently Panama celebrated the 100th anniversary of its iconic Canal. Open the Destination supplement to learn more. Sport museums around the world are the theme of the Heritage part so get ready for some stunning exhibitions. For adrenaline junkies, big or small, there is the Adventure supplement presenting some of the top theme parks.

The concept of tourist police in different countries is discussed in the Professional part. The Transport supplement on the other hand focuses on small and less known cruise lines. Get ready for an exciting ride!

Milada Sovadinova



HERITAGE/ Remarkable Sport Museums

Chris Grad

- Aug 25, 2014

Football, baseball, tennis, hockey – for many these sports are not only a pastime but a lifestyle. True fans know everything about their favorite sport and for those there is a couple of remarkable sport museums or hall of fames around the world. Check them out.

PROFESSIONAL/ Tourist Police – Protecting and Serving

Gary Diskin

- Aug 25, 2014

Security of tourists is essential for any destination striving to increase its popularity among visitors. More and more countries introduce tourist police units to help and protect the tourists. Thus, the police are an important part of any destination image.

TRANSPORT/ Cruising with Less Known and Small Lines

Denise Chen

- Aug 25, 2014

A cruise line with 120-year long history? A cruise line with the most powerful icebreaker? There are many ships and cruise companies that may not be well known but still – they offer remarkable experiences. Get ready for the adventure!

ADVENTURE/ Have Fun! World’s Top Amusement Parks

Richard Moor

- Aug 25, 2014

Hakkeijima Sea Paradise, Efteling Theme Park, Legoland – there are hundreds of interesting amusement parks around the world. Taste only a sample of the great myriad of places with stunning roller coasters and thrilling attractions.

DESTINATION/ Panama – The Land of Ethnic Diversity

Daniel A. Tanner

- Aug 25, 2014

Panama standing at the crossroads of two continents and two oceans, it is definitely a remarkable country. Explore its natural attractions as well as man-made marvels.