Hebridean Island Cruise: One Ship Full of Luxury

Bill Alen - Aug 25, 2014
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These days, many people have overused the term unique, but when it comes to Hebridean Island cruises, a one-ship line, they are definitely one of a kind. Their ship, Hebridean Princess, as some of you may have been formally introduced to it already, is truly unforgettable. In the world where the middle of the road standards are always the order of the day, you will be guaranteed the best service from a top-notch crew, whose attention to detail has earned them all the respect they deserve.

The Hebridean Princess is Queen Elizabeth II’s favorite cruise ship, and she even celebrated her 80th birthday aboard this luxurious ship. Her Royal Highness had chartered this 49-passenger cruise ship for privacy and relaxation. With its country style decor, this cruise ship regularly navigates Northern Ireland, Scotland's rugged west coast and, and Hebrides islands.

The majority of guests, who want to experience a mesmerizing adventure using this luxury cruise, are repeat travelers whose confidence and trust are always hard to win. The crew at Hebridean Princess always strives to ensure that the cruise is stress-free, most relaxing, and offers the best therapeutic experience that you will ever find, unless of course you decide to get back on board for another cruise.

The highly experienced researchers, who have the ability to capture the historical significance and cultural essence of each port of call, plan this all-inclusive cruise. The management at Hebridean Princess believes that it is a challenge for the welfare of a large number of guests to be well taken care of, as well as give them all the personal services that distinguishes an exemplary holiday from an ordinary one. That is the reason why on board the Hebridean Princess you will only find no more than 50 breathing souls and no less than 38 crew members.

After all the tiresome walk ashore, the homeliness and comfort that Hebridean Princess offers would make you feel like you are at home; and that is how the management, and most importantly the guests, would love to think of this extraordinary ship like home.

The Columbia Restaurant within this cruise ship has fine artworks, discreet lighting, as well as cherry-wood paneling that offer the guests a romantic venue to enjoy the most of this genial ambience. Single sitting dining implies that your special table for two awaits you. For the solo travelers, they will be invited to join the Senior Officers in convivial groups. 

The Hebridean Princess has a number of shore visits unlike other cruise ships. From historical to cultural, serious biking and walking to strolling ashore, the privileges to get the much-needed peace are endless. However, the journey on board the Hebridean Island cruise would never be complete without the selected specialty guides, who have sailed with this ship for quite a number of years, thus contributing their interest and expertise to add value on your stay and make your holiday worth living and unforgettable.

Therefore, at the end of your holiday getaway, the management hopes that you will get back home feeling refreshed. All the same, welcome to one of the truest voyages of discovery- welcome to the extraordinary atmosphere of Hebridean Island cruise.

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