DESTINATION/ Panama – The Land of Ethnic Diversity

Panama standing at the crossroads of two continents and two oceans, it is definitely a remarkable country. Explore its natural attractions as well as man-made marvels.


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Panama Tourism: Free Health Insurance and Safety Issues

Dan Rang

The Panama tourism industry has enjoyed remarkable growth in recent years which has seen tourism account to almost 10% of the country’s GDP. As of 1995, there were only 345,000 tourists. However, by 2007, this figure soared over 1 million. Come 2012 and the figure reached over 1.6 million tourists, according to World Bank data. In the first half of 2013 (January to June), 1.1 million international tourists had come to Panama. Given the impressive figures, you would expect the country to sit bac...

Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Panama

Gary Diskin

Many people come to Panama for a glimpse of the world-renowned Panama Canal but they stay for much more. The world knows Panama as the place where North and South America meets; it is also the meeting point of the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. The name Panama means “a place of many fish” but fishing is not the only water activity one can undertake in these parts. Panama is full of unexplored locations that make it perfect for scuba diving, snorkeling and jet skiing. You will be very busy during a...

100th Anniversary: The Amazing Panama Canal

Tourism Review News Desk

The Panama Canal is both an engineering marvel and one of the most important waterways in the world. Seeing a big ship nudge its way through the narrow Panama Canal with the large tracts of jungle on both of its sides is really an unforgettable experience and sight. It is 80km (49 miles) long and stretches from Panama City (located on the Pacific coast) to Colón (located on the Atlantic coast). The Panama Canal gives passage to approximately 14,000 ocean going vessels every year. Exploring t...

The Best Natural Attractions in Panama

James Morris

Panama is a country luring tourists not only with remarkable cities but also fascinating wildlife and national parks. National Metropolitan Park: Panama City is proud to say that it's the only city that has a tropical rainforest despite the fact that it's in an urban setting. Tourists who have more than enough time would enjoy visiting the national parks. Likewise, if you want to enjoy the scenery of a busy street with a touch of wildlife, it's ideal to hop in a cab for 10 minutes and appreciat...