PROFESSIONAL/ Tourist Police – Protecting and Serving

Security of tourists is essential for any destination striving to increase its popularity among visitors. More and more countries introduce tourist police units to help and protect the tourists. Thus, the police are an important part of any destination image.



Tourism Police Help Create the Destination Image

Denise Chen

Recent shootings in the US and political riots in many parts of Europe once again made the public aware of the fact that tourism security is not only a concept but depends to a great extent on its practitioners, law enforcement. In many parts of the world, police have formed special units to work with tourism and to make the police department more than a mere law enforcement agency but also an integral part of the tourism industry. Tourism policing goes by many names. In the US it often uses ...

Dominican Tourist Police – On the Beach and in the Streets

Dan Rang

In 1975, the police force in the Dominican Republic instituted a special unit, especially trained, to patrol and provide security at airports and other tourist spots throughout the nation. The need for such a unit grew because of the increase in the number of tourists arriving in the country and the crime rate that arose as a result. Clad in a smart uniform that consists of white shirt, blue pants and blue cap, the tourist police force has become an integral part of the security system in Domini...

New Tourist Police Unit Not Ready to Help Moscow Visitors

James Morris

With well over five and a half million tourists visiting Moscow annually in the past few years, officials have deemed it necessary to implement a new team of tourist police, instructed how to respond to the needs and concerns of visitors from all over the world. Having only recently been placed into action, in July, this police form has nevertheless proven to be a bit of a disappointment. Several first-hand accounts, including one from an undercover journalist, have shown that this police for...

Malaysia: Tourist Police Aim to Be Friendly and Fast

Gary Diskin

Malaysia beckons to travelers from all around the world because of its diverse destinations, colorful culture and the delightful hospitality of the locals. But besides these, Malaysia’s reputation as being a safe place for foreigners has improved, also due to the efforts of the Tourist Police. It is a division of the Royal Malaysian Police Force, primarily entrusted with the task of ensuring the safety of international travelers visiting the country. The tourism sector is regarded as a major in...