Japan - Hakkeijima Sea Paradise Is a Popular Attraction

Denise Chen - Aug 25, 2014
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Hakkeijima Sea Paradise located in Yokohama, Japan is a unique and incredible amusement park experience. It comes with an aquarium, marina, hotel, shopping mall, and many amusement rides. However, a general admission fee is not an option at this park, but rather you pay for only the attractions that actually appeal to you.

Admission into the Sea Paradise is not charged and visitors can enter the island free of charge to completely utilize its areas, shop at the stores, stroll along or dine at the restaurants. The only two attractions that do require an entry fee are that of Aqua Resorts and Pleasure Land.
The Sea Paradise is located in the gorgeous Yokohama Bay and the park definitely takes full advantages of its beautiful seaside location, featuring one roller coaster that can even send you flying over the water.

Aqua Resorts Attractions
This attraction consists of the Aqua Museum, Fureai Lagoon and Dolphin Fantasy. This is a very conventional aquarium where visitors can see dolphins, walruses, seals, sea lions, whale sharks, polar bears, sea otters, giant turtles and many other fascinating sea creatures. The daily marine mammal shows, where animals put on incredible series of performances, are also very popular.

Next to the Aqua Museum you can find the Dolphin Fantasy attraction which features a huge arch-shaped pool that completely surrounds a tunnel. You can also walk through the tunnel and observe as stingrays, dolphins and many other fish swim in the pool around.
Yet another great aquarium complex where visitors can touch and interact with some of the sea animals is the Fureai Lagoon. If you wish, you can pay an additional fee and take guided tours that promise a lot more interaction with the animals, such as feeding and picture taking.
Pleasure Land
This section of the park is reserved for rides for all ages. The most popular attractions are the Blue Fall, a ride that lets you experience the rush of free-fall from a height of whopping 107 meters; the Merry-go-round, a very big carousel that easily becomes even more charming when you see it with the full illuminations turned on in the evenings, and the Surf Coaster, a rollercoaster that will take you on a loop over the sea.

Visiting this incredible place is a great way to escape the city and fill your day with an amazing and new experiences. As far as the all-inclusive amusement parks go, it really doesn't get any better than Hakkeijima Sea Paradise.

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