ADVENTURE/ Have Fun! World’s Top Amusement Parks

Hakkeijima Sea Paradise, Efteling Theme Park, Legoland – there are hundreds of interesting amusement parks around the world. Taste only a sample of the great myriad of places with stunning roller coasters and thrilling attractions.


Europe's Best Theme Parks sightseeing

Europe's Best Theme Parks

Denise Chen

If you like quite a bit of fun in your travels through Europe, it's worth knowing that the old continent has quite a large number of theme parks. Out of the myriad of options, we present Europe's best. UK's LegolandAlthough the rides aren't Legoland's strongest feature, this aspect doesn't make it any less attractive. With plenty of greatly built structures and a wonderful blend of colors, Legoland is a place where you can admire the eye-candy for hours on end. Germany's Europa Park As the na...
Efteling: One of the Oldest Theme Parks sightseeing

Efteling: One of the Oldest Theme Parks

Ashley Nault

If you are ever in the Netherlands then you will definitely want to check out the Efteling theme park, which is one of the largest in the country and one of the oldest theme parks in the world – it was opened back in 1952! Top Attractions Covers 200 hectaresEfteling offers some really great attractions that all follow a general fantasy type theme. You'll find a diverse selection of rides and attractions to choose from to suit all ages and atmospheres. Some of the most popular attractions inc...
South Korea’s Largest Park? Everland in Yongin sightseeing

South Korea’s Largest Park? Everland in Yongin

James Morris

Everland amusement park popularly known as ‘Everland’ was started in 1976 and grew to be the largest and most visited theme park in South Korea. It is located in Yongin a distance of forty minutes from the center of Seoul. The park hosts over forty enchanting rides and attractions that entertain nearly seven million tourists every year. Everland features Safari World zoo where brave animals like bears, tigers, white tigers and lions entice visitors. Tourists can also visit the Herbivore Safar...
The Sea Paradise in Japan sightseeing

The Sea Paradise in Japan

Denise Chen

Hakkeijima Sea Paradise located in Yokohama, Japan is a unique and incredible amusement park experience. It comes with an aquarium, marina, hotel, shopping mall, and many amusement rides. However, a general admission fee is not an option at this park, but rather you pay for only the attractions that actually appeal to you. Admission into the Sea Paradise is not charged and visitors can enter the island free of charge to completely utilize its areas, shop at the stores, stroll along or dine at...