Everland: South Korea’s Largest and Most Popular Theme Park

James Morris - Aug 25, 2014
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Everland amusement park popularly known as ‘Everland’ was started in 1976 and grew to be the largest and most visited theme park in South Korea. It is located in Yongin a distance of forty minutes from the center of Seoul. The park hosts over forty enchanting rides and attractions that entertain nearly seven million tourists every year.

Everland features Safari World zoo where brave animals like bears, tigers, white tigers and lions entice visitors. Tourists can also visit the Herbivore Safari zoo to enjoy the company of elephants, giraffes, ostriches and other lovely animals. Everland is famous for beautiful gardens and lovely flower arrangement since the 1985 Rose Festival. Family and friends can visit other spots especially Caribbean Bay, a water park; Snow Sled, for sledging and Everland Speedway for racing.

Everland is divided into five zones which are:

Global Fair

Global Fair is the zone where tourists buy their food, take photos and souvenirs as they make their way into and out of the amusement park. It features dozens of shopping outlets, restaurants and other important services especially lockers and stroller rental.


It hosts both the Safari World and herbivore Safari zoos. Tourists enjoy viewing numerous wild animals such as tigers, penguins, polar bears and giraffes in their enclosed habitations. Visitors can interact with friendly animals like sheep and goat in the petting zoo and also get pony rides. For those who would love to view bears, lions and tigers, they board a bus that takes them to areas where these animals live.

Magic Land

The whole stretch of this zone is populated by rides and buildings. One creative attraction is the Aesop’s Village whose theme is inspired by the great Aesopian fable. There are numerous fabulous rides that allow one to enjoy and sample its beauty. Apart from the rides, stands and restaurants keep visitors busy.

European Adventure

European Adventure has numerous restaurants whose architecture is borrowed from Europe. It has well-manicured lawns and a flower garden encircled by a train, arcades and various games. The most popular attraction is the Mystery Mansion where visitors have the privilege of aiming and shooting at the scary ghosts.

American Adventure

American history characters and themes are the main attraction. The Rock Ville theme showcases the American music of the 1950s while the Double Rock Spin features live bands. For rides lovers, they can board the Eagle’s Fortress or the Rodeo for a Wild West thrill.

In conclusion, some people complain that Everland is usually packed with many visitors hence they cannot have a peaceful time. But the park is designed to amuse all its visitors so everyone should be engaged in all the fun activities it offers. Visitors should plan to sample the different themes that Everland offers in different seasons such as: Winter Wonderland in November to March, Rose Festival in May to June, Summer Splash in the summer months of June to September and Happy Holloween in September to October. Thus visitors can have fun anytime of the year.

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