Daniel A. Tanner - Sep 2, 2008
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Many businessmen in the UAE have huge funds and one of the areas they like to invest them is the tourism industry as they see this sector as a lucrative for long term financial gain. According to the CMPi UAE, an event organizer, the UAE plans to invest approximately $62bn in the development of 30 entertainment resorts and theme parks. The facilities are planned to be finished by 2012. Among the parks under development is for example Warner Bros or Ferrari theme parks. It is also important to mention the mammoth Dubailand area that will incorporate 24 theme parks.


The government also wants to preserve the country’s cultural heritage and thus there are numerous projects dealing with the cultural preservation challenge. There is for example the Museum of Middle East Modern Art, which includes an amphitheatre, exhibition hall and among other things it presents traditional dhow builders’ shipyard.


The development in the amusement and cultural fields should make the UAE a regional as well as global centre for this kind of tourism. The UAE is already a popular tourism destination and the continuous development of its tourism attraction and related infrastructure is likely to increase the number of visitors. Last year the UAE received 8.8 million tourists. This year they expect 10 million tourists will arrive.


Such a robust growth in the sector creates numerous business opportunities. That is why the CMPi UAE organizes Middle East Attractions, Amusements, Parks, Leisure and Entertainment International Trade Exhibition (MEAAPLE), an event that is scheduled for February 2 - 4 and will take place at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre. It will cover areas like management and maintenance of amusements and theme parks and other related businesses in the Middle East. The event should also provide opportunities to make new business contacts among the local as well as foreign companies. It will provide a unique opportunity to the tourism industry players who want to participate on the UAE tourism boom.

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