Europe: The Best Theme Parks

Denise Chen - Aug 25, 2014
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If you like quite a bit of fun in your travels through Europe, it's worth knowing that the old continent has quite a large number of theme parks. Out of the myriad of options, we present Europe's best.
UK's Legoland
Although the rides aren't Legoland's strongest feature, this aspect doesn't make it any less attractive. With plenty of greatly built structures and a wonderful blend of colors, Legoland is a place where you can admire the eye-candy for hours on end.

Germany's Europa Park
As the name suggests, this theme park is an all rounder. It has both, rides that are suitable for small children but also a couple of real scream inducing ones. Europa Park's main attraction is their Silver Star ride, a roller-coaster like no other in Europe.
Sweden's Liseberg
Much like Sweden itself, the theme park isn't particularly crowded. Built on top of a hill in Gothenburg, Liseberg has a wooden roller-coaster but also offers a train ride that will take you through the entire landscape.
Germany's Heidepark
If you're looking for variety, Heidepark is able to provide it. Not only does this large theme park (210 acres) have nine roller-coasters on offer, but it also provides water rides. A large lake hosts a replica of the Statue of Liberty.

Disneyland, Paris
There is a reason for the huge influx of tourists in this theme park. Disneyland is famous not only for their Space Mountain ride but also for accommodating little children as well as adults. However, this theme park's fame has quite the impact on some of the prices.
Denmark's Tivoli Gardens
Copenhagen has one of the first theme parks ever built in Europe and this can be seen in its rides. With one of the few non-automated roller-coasters left on the continent, Tivoli Gardens is suited for both, the thrill seeking crowds but also for people that simply want to relax.
Germany's Phantasialand
With over one hundred and fifty thousand visitors per month, Phantasialand (located in Bruhl) adopted a dragon theme which soon became a staple for the old theme park. Visitors can explore the lands of Mistery, 20's Berlin, China Town, Wuze Town, Africa and Mexico.
Sweden's Grona Lund
Although it is the home of a large number of coaster rides, suited for both, children and adults, this Stockholm theme park is spread over only 15 acres of island terrain. Besides the more standard attractions, Grona Lund offers dolphin shows and face painting while also hosting music concerts quite often.

France's Futuroscope
Opened for the entire year, Futuroscope is targeted towards the sci-fi buffs out there. Unlike the more traditional theme parks, Futuroscope provides laser and light shows but also a myriad of interactive screens.
Italy's Gardaland
As the most popular Italian theme park, Gardaland is known for its sea life aquariums and no less than eight areas, which have different themes. The park includes a theater and many restaurants and sit-down areas.
Spain's Costa Caraibe
Costa Caraibe is an aquatic park that caters for the entire family. Its rides can take you all around the park, some more suited for children, other for the grown-ups.
Madrid's Parque Warner
Easily accessible by train from Madrid, Parque Warner shares both a movie and a superhero theme. With 3D simulations and many roller coaster rides, the park has five different areas, each with a separate theme.
UK's Thorpe Park
With the recent addition of the Angry Birds Land, Thorpe Park became one of the most popular parks in the UK, so popular that it is currently too crowded for the number of rides available.
UK's Alton Towers
Ever-expanding, the largest and most popular theme park in the UK offers rides for all age groups while also functioning at night. You can check in one of the two hotels if you want to explore more of this huge park.
Spain's Portaventura
While some of the roller-coaster rides might be too bumpy for everyone's taste, Portaventura has four of them, all meant to increase your adrenaline levels.


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