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The global theme park market is continuing to rise, and a total of 214.7 million visitors came to the 25 most visited theme parks in the world during 2013, 4.3% more than the year before, according to the annual report TEA/AECOM Theme Index and Museum Index; this puts the Reunited Parks Group in sixth position in the number of visits with 2 million, 4.1% less than the year before.

A total of 377 million visitors in 2013 went to the 10 main global theme park company groups, 5.4% more than the year before.
First place among recreational groups was once again taken by Walt Disney which reached 132.5 million visitors, 4.8% more than in 2012. They are followed distantly by Merlin Entertainments Group with 59.8 million visitors (10.7% more) and Universal Studios with 36.3 million (5.3% more).

The list of the most visited parks is rounded out with Oct Parks China with 26.1 million (12.1% more), Six Flags with 26.1 million (1.4% more), Cedar Fair Entertainment with 23.5 million (0.9% more), and Sea World Parks with 23.4 million (4.1% less).
Fantawild Group closes out the list with the largest increase of 42.7%, up to 13.1 million visitors, and Haichang Group with 10 million visits, 7.4% more.

Disney Continues To Be King

The 25 most visited theme parks of the world have received a total of 214.7 million visitors, meaning an increase in visits of 4.3% regarding the year before.
The three most visited amusement parks in the world were the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World in Florida with 18.5 million visitors, 6% more; Tokyo Disneyland with 17.2 million visitors, 15.9% more; and Disneyland in California with 16.2 million visitors, 1.5% more.
In Europe, a slight decrease was recorded in the number of visitors to amusement parks last year, although 57.8 million visitors came, indicating a slight decrease of 0.1%.

The report points out that this year there has been a clear division between the development of the parks in the north and south of Europe. The northern ones have recorded better positions due to their economic strength and the good weather, and on the other hand, southern Europe has been weighed down by the economic changes, “like the rise of rates in Spain.”

The first positions on the list were occupied by Disneyland Park in Paris with 10.4 million visitors, a drop of 6.9%, followed by Europe Park in Germany which climbed to second place with 4.9 million visitors, 6.5% more. Walt Disney Studios Park, also in the French capital, had 4.4 million visitors, 6.9% less.

The only park in Spain that squeezed onto the list of the 20 most visited recreational parks in Europe is Port Aventura in Salou which took sixth place with 3.4 million visitors, meaning 4% fewer visitors than the year before.

Water Parks

Regarding water parks, the 20 most visited reached 26.9 million visitors in 2013 (7.1% more), and for the second consecutive year, the water parks in Asia had more visits than those in North America.
In 2013, the water park market had favorable results in Asia, and the market in Latin America increased, the growth of Brazil's parks especially standing out with growths of 14.4% at Beach Park or the 26.9% at Thermas Dos Laranjais in Olimpia.
The most visited water park in the world is the Chimelong Waterpark in China with 2.1 million visitors, 7.5% more, followed by Typhoon Lagoon in Disney World in Orlando with two million visitors, 2% more; this is a similar growth to that recorded in Blizzard Beach at Disney World with 1.9 million visitors.

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