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Theme Park Industry – Less Parks But Thoroughly Popular

Wayne M. Gore

Theme parks are recreational centers that have proven to be resilient during hard times. The concept of modern theme parks comes from European fairs, starting with Bakken near Coppenhagen, Denmark in 1583. But public gatherings celebrating food and drink and temporary traveling markets go back to ancient times in Europe. These fairs and pleasure gardens inspired world's fairs and expositions starting in London in 1851 with the Great Exhibition. One of the most influential events that inspired mo...

Xcaret Eco-Park – A Jewel of Mexico’s Maya Riviera Coast

Tourism Review News Desk

It is a challenge to describe Xcaret (pronounced Ish-caret). In fact it is probably impossible to do so in anything less than a book. Its 80-hectare/200-acre site, fronting on the turquoise blue waters of Mexico’s Maya Riviera Caribbean coast 74 kilometres drive south of Cancun, conjures up images of Disney theme parks, long lineups and crazy crowds, lots of plastic, metal and cement. Happily, none of these elements define Xcaret which is as remarkable as it is beyond description. It is al...

The Best Amusement Parks around the World

Anna Luebke

Hundreds of theme parks open their gates to the visitors every day. They are entertaining, funny and children love them. Discover three remarkable parks that are No. 1 in their category. Bakken Opened in 1583, the Bakken Park is the oldest operating amusement park in the whole world. It is also known as Dyrehavsbakken which means Deer Park Hill. The park is situated in Klampenborg, Denmark which is about ten kilometers north of Copenhagen. It receives approximately 2.7 million visitors ever...

Europa Park: Destination No. 1 in Germany

Anna Luebke

If amusement parks are your forte you are going to love Europa Park located in Rust in Germany. This is one of the largest parks in Europe let alone Germany. It has over 4 million visitors every year and it has a short year. This is a seasonal park so it isn't even open year round. Why Is It Called Europa Park Europa Park got its name thanks to the fact that nearly all of the European countries have their own little land in the park. There is a section for France, Italy, England, Iceland, No...