German Europa Park Attracts Millions of Tourists

Anna Luebke - Sep 03, 2012
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If amusement parks are your forte you are going to love Europa Park located in Rust in Germany. This is one of the largest parks in Europe let alone Germany. It has over 4 million visitors every year and it has a short year. This is a seasonal park so it isn't even open year round.

Why Is It Called Europa Park

Europa Park got its name thanks to the fact that nearly all of the European countries have their own little land in the park. There is a section for France, Italy, England, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, Spain, Russia and Holland to just name a few. There are 14 countries represented in the park.

In each section you will get to see buildings that are representative of the real countries and you will be able to enjoy the given cuisine. That means you will have to decide just what food you would like to try out.

Wild Rides

The Silver Star is a huge rollercoaster that is so tall it can be seen miles away from the park. It is super-fast too. There are also tea cups, a ride down a wild river bed and space station MIR. Every country has its own special rides. It really is a fun filled time for everyone. There are actually eleven rollercoasters in Europa Park; some are even water coasters.

Children Activities

Children will probably love going back in time to dinosaur days in the world of dinosaurs or they may like to set sail on the open seas with pirates. Maybe they would like to see how knights jousted in the days of kings, knights and armor.

Adult Activities

Adults will love all of the food and shopping. Since every area or country has its own type of food there will be lots of choices for you to make. Enjoy coffee in Italy and chocolate from Holland. Women will love shopping in France. Whatever you would do on holiday in any of these countries you could do it in Europa Park.

Facts about the Park

The Mack family runs the park and they are actually the ones that developed many of the rides including nearly all of the rollercoasters. One of the few rides they didn't build is the Silver Star hyper coaster.

The park can easily accommodate 50,000 people a day. The park mascot is named Euromaus – it is a grey mouse. The days of operation are in the summer months between Easter and November and then the end of November until the second week in January or the winter season.

Is the Park Worth Seeing?

With 4 million people attending the park every year and the fact it is the second most popular park in all of Europe, it is definitely worth seeing. You need plenty of time to thoroughly enjoy the park however. Make sure you have two days to explore the park. If you are wondering where you are going to stay that could be in one of the five hotels inside the park. The biggest hotel is styled after the Roman Coliseum and is named Colosseo. There is also a campsite if you prefer the tent.

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