Saxony Offers History and Culture

Gregory Dolgos - Aug 26, 2013
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Germany is the heartland of European culture and sophistication. You will find the most beautiful cities and towns’ right here in this great European country. You can visit any of the German states and you will experience beauty and sophistication. Saxony is remarkable.

Saxony is one of the most iconic regions in the world. It has a long history dating as far back as a thousand years ago. This long history has seen it develop into a confluence of different cultures, rich heritages and diverse economies. Truly, there is perhaps no state in Germany as unique and as pleasing as Saxony. It is necessary to visit the region for anyone who seeks adventure, cultural experiences and an air of sophistication.

One of Saxony’s greatest attractions is its architecture. This includes palaces such as Dresden’s Zwinger Palace, Moritzburg Palace and the Church of Our Lady. It also has prominent monuments such as Battle of the Nations monument in Leipzig. Other architectural attractions include gardens, stately palaces and over five hundred museums all across the state.

Saxony also has rich cultural and artistic heritage in music. Visitors from all across the world come to participate in international music festivals and theatrical plays staged in Saxony’s many artistic venues. The Semper Opera House in Dresden is perhaps the best-known performance house in all of Europe. Other notable performance venues include Leipzig’s Gewandhaus concert hall and Chemnitz’s theater hall.

Here, visitors can listen to music by some of the world’s most famous composers including Robert Schumann, Johann Sebastian Bach, Carl Maria von Weber and Richard Wagner. The venues are also home to some of the world’s most well-known performance groups such as Dresden's Kreuzchor boys' choir, St. Thomas's choir, Dresden State Orchestra and Leipzig's Gewandhaus Orchestra. In other words, Saxony offers you an opportunity to explore your musical tastes and delights by experiencing some of the finest music compositions in Europe. You can also get a chance to meet some of these great musical performers and learn a thing or two about making music from them.

Saxony also gives you a chance to dive into history and experience how Europe’s economy has evolved over the years. This is because some of the traditional handicrafts in Saxony survived until today. These include woodcarvings, making of musical instruments, manufacture of watches and moldings of porcelain items. The state also has steam trains for you to ride in addition to many antique vehicles for you to choose.

Do not miss your chance to visit Saxony. The people of Saxony are friendly and they will accommodate you and your family without any hesitation at all. You may choose any of the many guesthouses, holiday homes, guesthouses and leisure attractions currently available in the state. The state also offers many opportunities for cyclists, hikers, walkers and winter sports enthusiasts. You can also get some of the most luxurious and experienced spas and health resorts right here in the great state of Saxony.

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