DESTINATION/ Saxony – Home of Richard Wagner

Saxony is well known as a perfect destination for history buffs and cultural tourists. This year however the state celebrates Richard Wagner year attracting thousands of visitors. Discover remarkable museums, palaces as well as spas and rivers.



Travel Saxony to Experience Its Beauty, Art and Sophistication

Gregory Dolgos

Germany is the heartland of European culture and sophistication. You will find the most beautiful cities and towns’ right here in this great European country. You can visit any of the German states and you will experience beauty and sophistication. Saxony is remarkable. Saxony is one of the most iconic regions in the world. It has a long history dating as far back as a thousand years ago. This long history has seen it develop into a confluence of different cultures, rich heritages and diverse e...

Tourism: Saxony Is a Year Round Destination

Gregory Dolgos

The reputation of Saxony as a tourist destination is growing significantly in the recent times. This German state has over 1000 years of history and heritage that compel the tourists to explore the magic created by the ancient artists, architects and composers. Both summer and winter season are ideal for those who are looking forward to visit this place. Saxony has enjoyed a steady increase in the number of arrivals and overnight stays in the past decade. This increase both regarding domestic v...

Top Travel Destinations in Dresden

Richard Moor

Elbe Valley: The Mesmerizing Beauty The beauty of Dresden has come from the historical city centers as well as its long stretch along the river Elbe. This river has magnetism and beauty as it remains untouched till now. In fact, this river has created wonderful scenery where you will get a perfect blend of nature and architecture. The villas of 19th century, castles, stately homes, farmhouses that dot the meadows and hills, beautiful vineyards, flower filled gardens and thick forests have tran...

Saxony Celebrates the Year of Richard Wagner

Theodore Slate

2013 is the year that Germany’s easternmost state Saxony celebrates composer Richard Wagner’s 200th birth anniversary. Since Wagner spent most of his life in Saxony, the state has decided to honor the composer with festivals, museum openings, tours and concerts in a number of cities including Leipzig, Dresden and Graupa. Wagner’s Lohengrin was composed during one of his summer breaks in Graupa. Thus the Lohengrin House has been restored to look like it did in 1840. Apart from the exhibition o...