Dresden Offers Remarkable Architecture to the Visitors

Richard Moor - Aug 26, 2013
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Elbe Valley: The Mesmerizing Beauty

The beauty of Dresden has come from the historical city centers as well as its long stretch along the river Elbe. This river has magnetism and beauty as it remains untouched till now. In fact, this river has created wonderful scenery where you will get a perfect blend of nature and architecture.

The villas of 19th century, castles, stately homes, farmhouses that dot the meadows and hills, beautiful vineyards, flower filled gardens and thick forests have transformed this place into a magical land. While visiting Dresden, a trip on a steamboat to the Pillnitz castle, which is a former summer residence of the Kings of Saxon, is absolutely necessary.

A Slice of Baroque

The Dresdeners as well as the travelers who come to Dresden make sure that they visit the historic city center situated at the other side of the Elbe River that is an abode for art buffs. It houses some of the most popular architectural structures such as the Semper Opera House, the Dresden Zwinger, the Royal Palace and the Church of Our Lady. Mostly, the Baroque age rulers built this city during the 18th century and this well explains the fair share of contemporary architecture that is found here. The 19th century armory building, which is now the Military History Museum and the unique triangular structure by the renowned architect Daniel Libeskind are the latest additions.

Impressive Dresden Art

A few world-class impressive museums together have formed the Dresden State Art Collection. One can find the majority of them at Royal Palace, Albertinum and Dresden Zwinger. However, the remarkable ones are home of the “Court of Aurangzeb”, Green vault treasury, and Dresden Green Diamond. In addition, there are old masters picture gallery where you can find the Sistine Madonna by Raphael and porcelain collection from Asia and Meissen. The past Saxon rulers who had great art sense contributed these art collections.

Outstanding Attractions

Apart from the city, Dresden also has many areas of attraction at its outskirts. For example you can go to Saxon Switzerland National Park, which is 45 minutes from the city; Messian wine areas that are also just 45 minutes away; the polish border Gorlitz that would take an hour and 15 minutes to reach and Prague, the Czech capital, which you can reach within just 90 minutes. You can also reach Berlin within 2 hours. This means that not only Dresden is beautiful but also its outskirts are also stunning. Thus, if you are looking for a place in Germany that has immense beauty, Dresden undoubtedly tops the list.

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