Gregory Dolgos - Sep 17, 2012
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There are numerous examples one can use to show Asia's nascent economic prosperity in recent times. With China and India leading the entire continent, all the mega projects in the entire world, from hydro dams to sky scrapers seem to be in Asia. The rise of a new leisure class in the continent has led to the development of theme parks; another mega project.

Tokyo Disneyland in Japan

This was the first Disney land park to be built outside the United States. The Tokyo Disney land park attracts close to fourteen million visitors ever year, making it just rank below the United States' Disney land park in terms of world wide attendance of theme parks. The Tokyo Disney land is divided into zones that including the Critter Country, Mickey's Toon town, World Bazaar and the quartet of Fantasy land, Tomorrow land, Adventure land and Western land.

Universal Studios in Singapore

The Singapore universal studios located on Sentosa island was built by Genting group. The main reason for its construction was so as to complete and also strengthen the Sentosa Resorts Worldentertainment and leisure mega plex. The universal studio is divided into zones. The seven zones at the Singapore universal studios are; Hollywood, Sci-Fi City, New York, Lost World,Madagascar, Ancient Egypt,and Far Away.

Ocean Park in Hong Kong

The ocean park in Hong Kong is usually visited by over five million people every year. A trip to the ocean park usually begins with an adrenaline rush that is as a result of the cable car transfer to and from the Flowland to the Headland. You can also explore amazing attractions at the Hong Kong ocean park like the atoll reef,sea jelly spectacular,the giant panda habitat, amazing birds show and the shark aquarium.

Genting Highlands in Malaysia

You can embark on an amazing road trip from the capital, Kuala Lumpur to the beautiful Genting highland which is regarded as a city of entertainment. Genting provides the best escape from the hassle and bustle of the city. Furthermore, the hilly countryside temperature is a welcoming and great relief from the Kuala Lumpur summer swelter. Some outdoor amusement rides at Genting Highlands includes the pirate ship, the spinner, the cyclone space shot,rolling and thunder train and corkscrew. For simulated sky diving experience, you can visit Genting sky venture or go to snow world winter wonderland. You can always have an ultimate experience at the flying coaster, which is Asia's first hand gliding roller coaster.

Dinosaur Park in China

Changzhou, Jiangsu Province

Just under two hours on a train from Shanghai,this amazing dinosaur theme park that is located in Changzhou's heart has a playground, water park and a museum which is complete with colossal reptile replicas. You can also take a tour of the magnificent pirate ships at the Lubara or even visit the funky dinosaur town for a great Thai elephant show. To have a different experience, you can explore part of the dinosaur park on a bicycle or scooter.

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