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Daniel A. Tanner - Jan 27, 2014
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Technology has simplified and enhanced modern transportation through fast and well coordinated activities and quick services delivery. Currently anyone can manage a couple of related activities simultaneously without interfering with each other. A perfect example is that you can find multiple services through the internet like late night booking hotel at or visit to view prices, one can compare flights, find and book a restaurant and even use his/her social freedom to post likes and dislikes on social media.

Cruising allows an individual to integrate several sites to plan a gateway. It’s worth noting that has a vast data about worldwide homeports, 2014 departures etc. Such knowledge empowers one to map routing and daily journeys.

TripAdvisor’s and offer quality seat booking services. Each traveler always identifies the best seat via before completely filling in the flight booking form. Technology has worked to elevate human comfort by connecting most airlines to such services making it possible.

Practically speaking, flying on Air Canada you experience several plane types with distinct seat configurations. makes it easier for you by color-coding and displaying best and bad seats. This service still available for the recent enlarged economy seating planes also informs you whether booking a seat that way requires some fee.

Not all people are regular travelers and may have missed the chance to use services. PC Magazine explains to people that GateGuru is an Android App that helps people search and find airports, anticipate wait times, find healthy foods and comfortably travel with improved self-confidence. However, Tips would be highly important if GateGuru improved its working relations with other recognized location based social networking sites like Foursquare.

One great benefit of GateGuru is that it alerts you on the nearest services available around the departure gate.

A number of travel apps is also making the life of holidaymakers much easier:

Tripit: Developed to be an organizing app, it sorts and holds your travels in a single spot offline on the phone. It stores reservations for flights, hotels, rental vehicles and many more.

Skype is a wonderful app that delivers comfort while travelling. It features a video chat, voice call to landlines or cells around the world. All these call services are rendered at very cheap rates. is finance oriented and offers you a full range of currency conversions.

Google Translate is a powerful tool that facilitates communication and understanding better. This way one can learn foreign phrases and words.

Wi-Fi Finder just as the name suggests locates free and paid access to internet on or offline around the world.

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