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Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets are the main topic of a number of travel technology researches. Read about hotels and airlines adapting to the latest trends in mobile booking and much more.


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Hotel Technology Trends: Free Wi-Fi and Virtual Bookings

Denise Chen

If you are in the tourism business or in the hotel industry, you probably know that customers are not only attracted by the beautiful buildings and state of the art structures but by the hotel technology and amenities available. You may have a very big, well-built hotel but without the little luxuries, technological facilities and equipment you will lose out on customers. Therefore, as a hotel owner, manager or operator you need to up your game as far as the latest technology trends are concerne...
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Mobile Is the Theme of Travel Technology

Nils Kraus

The mobile industry has been vital in different travel sectors, particularly in the U.S. Recent reports show that the $318 billion estimated amount to be spent is growing imminent by the moment for this year. Initial Expected Projections According to a PhoCusWright's report dating back November of the previous year, mobile bookings in the U.S. will closely double up this year - from the original $12.3 billion, all the way to $24.3 billion. They also stated that smartphones and tablets, collect...

Most Airlines Heading towards Mobile Payments

Nils Kraus

A study conducted by payment technology expert WordPay suggests that over 50% of the airlines sampled think that mobile is a key player in revenue generation. The findings of the research are in a whitepaper referred to as Alternative Payment and Distribution Landscape: Airlines and Alternatives - The Facts. This study has focused on 56 major airlines together with other conventional full service carriers. In the study, it was established that most airlines view mobile payments as an importan...
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Tips: Sites and Apps That Make Travelers’ Life Easier

Daniel A. Tanner

Technology has simplified and enhanced modern transportation through fast and well coordinated activities and quick services delivery. Currently anyone can manage a couple of related activities simultaneously without interfering with each other. A perfect example is that you can find multiple services through the internet like late night booking hotel at or visit to view prices, one can compare flights, find and book a restaurant and even use his/her social freedo...