Tourism Review Online Magazine 2 / 2014

Jan 27, 2014

Dear readers

Welcome to the February issues of Tourism Review Online Magazine. What is the hot topic of any discussion about travel technology? Mobile devices. Learn about the plans of travel businesses to adapt to the wave of smartphones and tablets in the Professional supplement. Information technology is highly important for yet another segment of tourism – the airports. This time we focus on Chinese airports and their challenges. Open the Transport part.

Adventure travel is booming all around the world. Who are these adventurers? What are their preferences? Find out in the Adventure supplement. Texas and its rich history and attractions are the topic of the Destination part and charming Italian neighborhoods around the world are the theme of the Heritage supplement. Enjoy the February issue!

Milada Sovadinova



HERITAGE/ Little Italy around the World

Gary Diskin

- Jan 27, 2014

Italian communities can be found all around the world. Some neighborhoods carry unique heritage with its Italian restaurants and monuments. Discover Little Italy in Toronto, Sao Paulo or even Sydney.

PROFESSIONAL/ Travel Technology Update

Denise Chen

- Jan 27, 2014

Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets are the main topic of a number of travel technology researches. Read about hotels and airlines adapting to the latest trends in mobile booking and much more.

ADVENTURE/ Trends: Adventure Travel Industry

Samuel Dorsi

- Jan 27, 2014

Adventure travel market is growing fast and the tourism industry stakeholders had rather get ready for the influx of holidaymakers seeking innovative experience. What kind of people these adventurers are? What are they looking for?

TRANSPORT/ Airports in China Booming

Kevin Eagan

- Jan 27, 2014

More and more airports are planned to open in the coming years. The industry is growing fast luring international investors. There is a number of challenges though that Chinese airports are facing.

DESTINATION/ Texas –Visiting the Lone Star

Larry Brain

- Jan 27, 2014

Texas is world known for its ranches, cowboys and big hats. However, there is much more to see and experience. Discover the historic sites in Texas, learn about the challenges of the hotel industry and visit Aggieland in the heart of the state.