TRANSPORT/ Airports in China Booming

More and more airports are planned to open in the coming years. The industry is growing fast luring international investors. There is a number of challenges though that Chinese airports are facing.


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Chinese Airport Industry Is Worth USD 9 Billion

Denise Chen

The Chinese airport industry is certainly entering a new stage in 2014. After years of growth, the trend may be reversing. In China when we talk about the airport industry we are not just referring to passenger and commercial airports in the aeronautical sense. We are also covering advertising within the airports as well as non-aeronautical businesses which provide services for passengers. This entire industry is valued at roughly 9 billion dollars and employs close to 105,000 people and 95 bus...
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Beijing Capital International Airport: The Pillar of the Asian Skies

Larry Brain

By March 3, 1958, China’s Beijing International Capital Airport’s fixed assets comprised of a small building, that served as the terminal, and a couple meters of runway. It was a day old. Come January 1, 1980 a new and larger green building opened to house 12 airplanes, making it a shooting star in the sky compared to then established American and European airports. Today, the airport handles over 1520 air craft movements each day as its annual passenger turnover stands at over 82 million. Sc...
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China's Top Airports Focus on IT

Daniel A. Tanner

A recent SITA report projects that self-service airports will be commonplace in China by the year 2016. China's elite airports expect their total IT spending to grow by 23% from 2012 to 2013, more than double the 11% rate of revenue growth rate for the same period. These investments are expected to rise even more this year, as 80% of China's airports are projected to increase their IT budgets in preparation for the more than 870 million passengers expected by 2016. These projections were gle...
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The Steadfast Airport Infrastructure Mission of China

Dan Rang

The airports of China are steeped deep in challenges according to a report of Peter Morris and Joanna Lu. The reason behind these challenges stem from the country's bids for upgrading its infrastructure in order to keep with the needs for future expansion. An Ideal Investment Entity A handful of investors in the global market opt to invest in the airline sector, particularly airport infrastructure, after having observed the fruits they continue to whelp in a steadily growing manner. Investor...