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Texas is world known for its ranches, cowboys and big hats. However, there is much more to see and experience. Discover the historic sites in Texas, learn about the challenges of the hotel industry and visit Aggieland in the heart of the state.


Best Historic Sites to Explore in Texas destination

Best Historic Sites to Explore in Texas

Cecilia Garland

Texas is packed with captivating historic sites – from the hallowed walls of the Alamo, to the landmark spot where President John F Kennedy was fatally shot. Visitors will always remain captivated by the state’s history thinking of the San Jacinto battle that won Texas independence from Mexico and witness the recreations of the former Christian missions. The plethora of fascinating facts and rich Texas history is the reason why tourists flock to the state. Discover the best historic sites in Tex...
Texas Welcomed 220 Million Domestic Visitors statistic

Texas Welcomed 220 Million Domestic Visitors

Cecilia Garland

Texas is not only home to great music, food, and culture, but it is also one of the biggest tourism generators in the country. The Lone Star State is a big draw whether you are visiting for the first time or are an old time fan of the Texas atmosphere. Currently the Texas tourism industry is doing very well in terms of revenue and helps to create hundreds of thousands of jobs for in state Texas residents. In addition, the tourism travel industry benefits the firms that help support this industr...
Aggieland – A Special Spot Deep in the Heart of Texas destination

Aggieland – A Special Spot Deep in the Heart of Texas

Dan Rang

For many people from around the world Texas is a fascinating place. In many ways they are correct. Texans pride themselves on being “like a whole other nation”. Almost from the first moment that a visitor gets off the plane s/he notes that special bravado and culture that sets Texas apart from other places in the US. Texans are known for telling tall-tales, for being gun-caring westerners who are not afraid to speak their mind. Texans do wear big hats and boots. Rodeos and football are a way of...
Hotel Industry: Occupancy Rates Going Up hospitality

Hotel Industry: Occupancy Rates Going Up

Dan Rang

There were a few major changes over the last few years to the fundamental structure of the Texas hotel industry. Over the course of 2012, the state was able to bring in $8.1 billion in revenue. This accounted for a 10.2% increase in total revenue over the previous year. This should provide encouragement to many hotel operators, who likely have been waiting for this kind of turnaround. A breakdown of these data actually reveals some vital information. After a cursory look at the existing data,...