Denise Chen - Jul 2, 2012
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This generation is bound to run on gadgets. Most travelers never leave home without a gadget. Tablets, androids, iPhones and the like are owned by almost everyone in the planet. Planning a trip is now made easier thanks to these top 10 applications you can bring around with you by installing them on your phone or android along with its best features.

Top 1: Skype

Of course, Skype is on the list. This is the best app for communicating with your loved ones from far away without having to add a country code while accessing your phone book. Simply connect your phone via Wi-Fi and you should be able to call with the roaming charges sliced.

Top 2: Smart Traveler

This app was designed by the US State Department which is full of all the information you will need before traveling. This app can be installed for free on an iPhone. The best feature it has is that you can shake your iPhone and then it will automatically show a random country that is very ideal for a vacation. It will show all information needed like travel warnings, entrance requirements and all the things that you need to know for you to be able to make the most out of your visit to the country.

Top 3: Hipmunk

Hipmunk is a booking app that is free for iPhones and androids. This app is great for a traveler because it aids in looking for hotel bookings and airfare search. The user interface is easy to use and searching for flights is really easy. The best feature of this app is the heat map option where you can see if the hotel is anywhere near nightlife, restaurants or places you might want to check out.

Top4: EveryTrail Pro

Travel this summer with the EveryTrail Pro app. With the application you may use your GPS to track your route, take pictures and place them on your personal travel road map, as well as download terrain maps for using offline. In addition you might search for nearby possible trips and follow one of the 400,000 trip options uploaded previously by other travelers. SmarterTravel is owned by TripAdvisor also owns EveryTrail.

Top 5: PocketGuide by GPS City Guide

PocketGuide is basically a virtual tour guide. Now, that is cool! Remember the trips you had to museums where you were told every detail regarding a piece from history. This app works the same way except that it has information about 65 famous cities. Therefore, you can use it in most of your vacations. Surprisingly, it does need to be in connected via Wi-Fi or via your mobile phone network provider.

Top 6: Postagram

Postcards are always imperative during a trip. Postagram is a tool that personalizes postcards from picture you actually took from your iPhone or android. Now isn’t that great? It saves the addresses of the people you recently sent postagrams to. It can also extract photos from instagram.

Top 7: HotelsByMe

Of course, a hotel finder would be in the top 10 apps for travelers. This app has more than 120,000 hotels to choose from along side all the important information you need to know. The best thing about this app is no matter how much information it has, the user interface is still very simple to use and the speed is unbelievable.

Top 8: Oanda Currency Exchange

Tapping into over 120 currencies all over the globe has never been this easy. You will surely need this handy most especially during shopping in areas where you are not too familiar with the currency. The best feature about this is it saves recently used currency searches to make your search faster the next time you will tap an exchange rate in the same area.

Top 9: Sit or Squat

Whoever created this app is a genius. Scenario: you are in the middle of nowhere and you need to take a dump. Where do you go to? Sit or Squat can give you the answer. This app is an actual GPS maps for rest rooms! What makes it better is it has actual bathroom photos so you can choose the cleanest or the most comfortable looking one.

Top 10: TripIt

TripIt erases the history of the hundreds of print outs for each trip. This is ideal for people who have too much paperwork to deal with that it’s hard for them to keep track of each one. Travel details make the problem worse. This app will show every detail you need from your flight details to you hotel accommodation. Best feature? How about not having to enter data! Just send the info to It will arrange the files for you!

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