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Dan Rang - Dec 30, 2013
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Do you love to travel? Are you the aspiring backpacker? If yes to both questions, you should know that traveling can be made more exciting these days with the integration of certain handheld apps. One of the biggest hits for that matter would be Jetpac City Guides.

New and Improved Jetpac

In this modern day, having a smartphone is a common thing, may it be for students, office junkies, businessmen and many other types of people. For the most part, travelers are really hooked into the different mobile contrivances of today and not for the sheer purpose of staying on the loop of what's hot, but simply because many apps come handy as they go from one point to another. And an exemplar would be Jetpac for the iPhone, which is the ultimate travel app that in Series A funding raised $2.4 million last year. Today, the app focuses on City Guides that will truly keep travelers abreast with the best places to be that they might not have visited yet.

The Dramatic Curve from Facebook to Instagram

Originally, Jetpac was devised for Facebook integration knowing that every day there are people updating their walls and timelines with places they're at along with the fun stuff they are doing. Now, in order to make the experience more vivid, the newly launched Jetpac City Guides will put its cards solely on Instagram where you can expect more quality and emotion-evoking images can strikingly raise your desires to travel various places like never before.

The Story behind the Major Pivot

Jetpac for the iPhone and iPad didn't really pan out last year. According to Julian Green, CEO of Jetpac, Facebook sets too many limits or perhaps it is fairly general on how it sets out check-ins. For instance, rather than stating at what exact landmark a person is at, Facebook only tells at which city they are. And when it is backed with a picture, the whole thing still seems to be vague or unsatisfying in terms of giving answers to questions unfamiliar of certain places hold.

In lieu of being too general by default, Green has decided to demand his team to tailor Jetpac specifically for Instagram that allows users to be shared with photos from a much eclectic demographics. That basically means if you use Jetpac City Guides, the scope of the places you get to see through your iPad won't limit you with your circle of friends as it encompasses a global facet in updating you with exceptional tourist spots and alike.

What Can You Expect from the New Jetpac City Guides?

One thing is for sure, pictures never lie. And that is the philosophy of Jetpac. And now that it's new and improved, it ensures you that you get acquainted with 5000 more places worth the fly, cruise or drive, and counting. With its new Instagram integration, you will have a better feel of what people from around the world share with their experience and how they are having the time of their lives.

Another thing about Jetpac City Guides is that it is easy to use and definitely has a great command to inspire. Because for your convenience, apart from the general set of pics it lets you see, you will also have the benefit of knowing the top ten places to visit for each day based on what activities are happening, concerts, parties, fiestas, city or town anniversaries and so much more.

Follow Your Favorite Stars

Whether you admit it or not, there will always be people you will worship because of the beauty they exude or the talent that they continue to flaunt. They are people your eyes seem to see as the exceptional beings of this world. With Jetpac City Guides, you are able to follow and keep yourself posted with your favorite stars, singers, sports pros and other celebrities as to where they are currently hanging out.

The Verdict

With Jetpac's capabilities to rank the best hubs to check out real-time through its automatic voting system based on how people feel during their experience, it is definitely a total delight. And apart from the high quality Instagram images that you get to constantly get your eyes fed with, the app still remains free to download. So if you're thinking about pursuing your dream to go places or simply get oriented with the kind of fun stuff people are doing from all over, Jetpac is totally of the essence for you.

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